Here’s a Hint: It Had Girl In It

If I wrote a password protected posts, would you all still recall the password or do you need a reminder? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did need the reminder since I nearly gave myself a brain-sprain trying to remember what I used here the last time.

And the password isn’t to keep YOU all out; it’s just in this case I don’t want it on the internet as it’s a rather private situation with my son. Let me know if you need to know what it is (thismamasaid (at) gmail (dot) com). I’ll update in a couple of days.

Just reread this and realized how stupid that sounds: “don’t want it on the internet” because – duh! But you get my drift, right?

9 thoughts on “Here’s a Hint: It Had Girl In It”

  1. I usually save all the emails I get with password info so I just go back and search through my messages when I come across a password protected post. If I don’t find it, I write the blogger and ask again.

    I just went back and searched my email and found your password so no need to send a reminder for me!

  2. pretty sure i got it. But if not, I’ll harrass ya til I’m back in the know. I’m like that, ya know πŸ™‚

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