Six Months Later and I’m Right Back Where I Started

Yesterday was my six month appointment with my dermatologist. It was scheduled as a mole check, not necessarily a follow up to my surgery on the malignant melanoma in October. The scar has improved in appearance, but it still has the ability to make my friends pull back in horror and grimace when I show them. The edges are still rather purplish-red prompting the doc to suggest laser work to break down those blood vessels and lighten the scar’s edges if things don’t improve on their own in another three months. Due to lack of insurance – or a job – I’ll be stuck with red, angry margins for a while.

He then did a quick mole-check, literally scanning me from head to toe. He asked if I had any moles that I was concerned about and I showed him three, two of which he agreed should be biopsied, while the third was a wild card and he would biopsy anyway and eliminate it from future worries altogether. A fourth mole, a freckle really, on the top of my foot he marked with his pen to be sliced.

The nurse numbed the four areas quickly and efficiently and then he removed each and dropped them in their respective vials to be sent off to the lab. I should have the results by the end of next week. Then again, maybe not.

I was glad to get rid of the mole on my inner thigh (the one that looks the most suspicious). That fucker was growing a singular hair of bristle brush quality. I remember after my pregnancy with Aitch, once I could finally see that part of me again, the hair had sprouted to mythical proportions. I’m fairly certain a little boy named Jack was eyeballing it as a worthy challenge.

And now I wait again and hope for good news. My doctor was especially pleased when I told him that my swimsuit this year is one that covers me neck to hip and shoulders to forearm. A rashguard designed specifically for women with a built-in shelf-bra. Now I can stop taking those contortionist lessons that I had scheduled to help me apply sunscreen to my back with my feet.

6 thoughts on “Six Months Later and I’m Right Back Where I Started”

  1. Have you tried Mederma for your scar? I have had the most AMAZING success with that stuff. It takes a while, but the results are really good!

  2. I wear a longsleeve rashguard too. It’s very sexy. I’m jealous of yours though because I was looking for 3/4 sleeve. I could only find longsleeve.

    Good luck with the biopsies.

  3. Hurray for full coverage suits…although I always think they’d be hot. Hoping those moles are nothing to worry about!

  4. Love that suit top. I have shorts and am thinking about a top similar to that instead of a halter top cause I hate those…I will probably go with short sleeves, though I’m not sure they make those kinds for fat people? They should, NO ONE wants to see us in halter tops.

  5. Yay for hair! My dermatologist told me if there’s a hair coming from it, it ain’t cancer. Cancer would kill the follicle.

    Good luck with all the biopsies. I actually really like that swim suit! Might get myself one.

    1. The nurse said that the hair might actually come back, too. She wasn’t quite on the same page as I was with my sense of humor. When I started taking pictures of my moles, she had a “WTF” look on her face.

      Go larger than you think if you get one of those suits. That or I’m fatter than I thought.

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