Little Annoyances

Yes, I’m blowing off the Photo Ops. It’s called “procrastination”. Get use to it.

Tailor Wannabe?

My husband noticed that I had “fabric glue” written and struck through on the grocery list, because during one of my errands I picked up a bottle. Sparring partner asked what kind I got and I just looked at him stupefied. “Uh, the kind that glues…fabric…?” As if he knows anything about fabric glue.


I used the fabric glue to adhere some fleur di lis patches to the back of my daughter’s jeans, which were initially very plain. To ensure good adhesion and to keep them flat, I grabbed a concrete paver from the front deck to lay on the jeans while the glue dried. I finished my project and hung up the jeans and set aside the brick. Sparring Partner asked why it was in the closet of the bedroom. I explained. Are you going to take it back outside? he asked. If it bothers you, take it out now. I responded. Hurumph was his reply. I just walked past the closet. The brick is still sitting there. Apparently it bothers him enough to roll his eyes at me but not so much to take care of it himself.


My ex-employer has an annual fund-raiser. It’s a hoity-toity affair. During my employment I did attend a couple of times. Since I’m no longer employed there, I don’t go. Obviously. My SIL works there so she’s always getting FIL involved with contributions. He asked Sparring Partner if we want to go to the fundraiser and my this was husband’s response, “Not just no….”

I “contributed” ten years of my life there for what?? Did I ever tell you how my ex-boss emailed me while I was on maternity leave “strongly urging” me to make sure I contribute to the expansion project?! I did and was fired a month later. If that wasn’t enough, when the stalking co-worker gave my ex-boss a sob story about her empty pockets, he contributed in HER name. Oh boo-hoo, bitch. So, yeah, no. Thanks for the offer, but we won’t be going to the gah-la.

4 thoughts on “Little Annoyances”

  1. I’m pretty sure you could convince us all to send some lovely donations to pass on to sucky ex-employer!

  2. I almost killed my husband last week. I was loading the dishwasher, he walked over with a dirty plate and set it on the counter beside the sink. Not even in the sink, which is right next to the dishwasher. When I pointed out that he could go ahead and put it in the dishwasher he claimed he didn’t know if the dishes in there were clean or dirty. HUH? Did he really think I was putting clean dishes in? Lazyass dipshit.

    I still say, if I didn’t have to have sex with women, I could totally be gay. The thought of someone else in my house actually lifting a fucking finger is an incredible thought.

  3. My husband does that sort of thing too…both of those sort of things, actually.

    Dude, I would totally go the GAH-LA in my rattiest clothes, get all the free drinks I could hold and let loose on all those idiots. OK, I would do it in my head. But it’s a great idea if you could get free tickets and wouldn’t mind the fallout.

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