And then there were two…

One of the presents we received at Aitch’s birth was a plush unicorn. It was cute, I suppose, but I’m not big on stuffed animals. Doodicus pretty much ignored them and never latched onto one for any length of time. Not long before she turned one, Aitch started playing favorite with the unicorn and I panicked. There was just one and I realized that I better get a backup (or two). I went to ebay and found several of them available for sale. I had my pick between new and used and decided to just take the cheapest I could find. In total, I think I spent $20 for two back-ups, including shipping.

The Plan (as I chortled) was to keep one in her crib, one was to be left at daycare, and the third was to be tucked away in case – godforbid – something should happen to either of the other two. For over a year, this plan actually worked well. I would take home the unicorn from daycare on Fridays to give it a good wash. I was careful to make sure the two unicorns were never seen together as I didn’t want Aitch’s head to explode.

Inevitably, two things happened. 1) The unicorns ended up in the washing machine together, which meant in the dryer together, which led to the universe colliding when Aitch decided to rummage through the laundry. She was positively giddy, grasping these two unicorns tightly in her arms and running through the house to share her discovery. With her being older now, we have simply explained that she cannot have two to play with as one is for daycare and the other is to stay home. Most of the time, there’s no drama.

The other thing to have obviously happened: 2) Daycare Unicorn went missing a couple of weeks ago. I’m almost positive it is in the house, but I haven’t located it yet. Backup Unicorn was pulled from the dresser drawer to fulfill his duties as the Daycare Unicorn. (lord, I’m boring myself with this story since I haven’t even really got to the point of the whole post!)

I went back to ebay to see if I could find yet another backup. There were only a handful now up for auction. The other difference was now the least expensive one was $29.00. The highest? $50! And that was actually from Amazon! So I’m freaking out.

If you happen to see one of these at your local flea market for cheap bucks, please, PLEASE, let me know. I will fondle you gently (is there any other way to fondle?) if you do.

9 thoughts on “And then there were two…”

    1. Yes, it’s Ty and I know its name so that’s why I know that right now I’ll be paying out the nose for it. It’s been retired…I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

  1. Grandma bought a backup for our daughter and now she insists on having both. Just wonderful. I was forced to keep track of 2 instead of one. She refers to them as New PupPup and Old PupPup. We thought we could solve the problem by having Santa bring her a less babyish animal. Yup another backfire. Now she demands her “Big Girl PupPup” too. Well on the upside, she is the only one in our house so attached to an animal so I guess even with her 3 lovies we are still just 1:1 on the kid/lovie ratio!

    Will definitely keep my eyes open for unicorn.

  2. That’s the problem with the pluffies (and Ty in general), is that they retire them. Mini’s Tubby is a pluffies, and we do have a backup, but his Tubby is so worn and floppy, that when he finally bites it, we’re screwed, because he already can tell the difference and he doesn’t like the new Tubby at all. Like, the fucking INDIGNITY, that we’d even TRY to pull one over on him like that. What I should have done is swap them out nightly, but I even tried that a few times, when he was younger, and he gave me this look like, “Lady, I’m suspicious.” LG loves her animals, but she’s got a cat du-jour, so one day it’s Hello Kitty, another day it’s “memaw kitty” and then yet, another day, it’s didjy (I have no idea, it’s another stuffed cat, they all have names) I’ve stopped keeping track.

    1. That’s funny how LG gives hers names. All the stuffed toys in our house have very generic names: the unicorn is Uneekorn; the bunny is Bunnie; the tiger is Tyger, and so on and so forth. It’s funny when people ask her the name of her unicorn and she responds, “Uneekorn…” like, duh, what else would it be?

      1. It’s so funny, her ty pluffy cat is didjy (I think that’s what she used to say, before she could actually say the word kitty, and it just stuck), then she has a cat that grandma gave her (hence “memaw kitty”) and then a Hello Kitty (called Geisha kitty, because she’s wearing a kimono), and then there’s “sparkly kitty”, because, duh, she’s sparkly. That one is a Build-a-Bear. And then there’s baby dangles, the pink monkey, and the only one that is named after itself, is “hippo.” Most of the time, Mini will name things and she just follows suit. Like they both have a doll named “Sweetie.” I call them the sweetie twins.

  3. I have always sighed with relief that my lot have never had favorites. Mr Mouse looked like he was going to be but in fact between when he was lost and his replacement was bought she had totally lost interest.

  4. Or, alternatively, buy her a bunch of (cheap) stuffed animals and see if she takes a shine to something else. I don’t have a backup for the three favorites around here. But we’re kinda mean here, so she’d just have to bump up one of the occasionally favored…

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