Deadline: 2021

I hate the storage necessary to hide all the toys in our house. I say “hide” because ultimately that’s my goal when I need to do a quick clean-up. Like those times my husband calls on his way home to let me know one of his buddies and the wife are on the way over for whatever reason. I’m sorry, but I still try to put on a show that I live in a somewhat clean house. I have on more than one occasion made like a whirlwind in the living room by scooping up everything on the floor and throwing it in a laundry basket and hiding that until our guests leave.

When Doodicus was a toddler and we were living at our other house, I found a couple of inexpensive units with simple drawers to keep in our family room for small toys like the Hot Wheels, Little People and Legos. When we moved, one was moved to Aitch’s room and the other stayed in the family room. We kept DVDs and the Wii games and remotes in the drawers.

In the past week, we found something to replace the little tower and it has been moved yet again. The second one remains in Hazel’s room. A brown, dark ugly thing next to her dresser. It’s mostly empty except for some miscellaneous crap I haven’t found a better home for so it remains.

It’s been during this time that I was turned on to a blog: Better After. My creative juices, long stifled by diapers, Dora, and Sponge Bob, have started flowing again. I’m starting small.

Here’s the the hideous cabinet in Aitch’s room:

Don’t mind the layer of dust on the side. You can see in the very right margins of this photo her dresser, which is blonde wood. While not necessarily my favorite finish, it goes well with her room. That’s why this piece does not. Here’s a better shot of Aitch’s room:

Fucking chaos.

I found some fabric that would easily blend into her room from now until she becomes an emo teen and everything has to be painted black. I plan on covering the drawer faces (where it’s like a basket weave) with the fabric. I’m debating whether or not to put batting behind the fabric…

I’m going to spray paint the wood in that teal blue. Depending on whether that color is too overwhelming, I may trim out the drawers in yet another coordinating color.

Now if Spring would show her whore-face, I could get outside to start prepping this piece with some sanding. Who knows? I might even start on the antique school desk (which is already been taken apart by my dear Sparring Partner – sucker!) (but needs an ass-load of paint stripping) and that cheap TV cabinet we’ve had in the basement for five years may have a new life after all!

Who wants to take odds on when this bad baby will actually get done?

20 thoughts on “Deadline: 2021”

  1. You can actually fit all of the excess stuff in your living room into ONE laundry basket??? I’m in awe.

    1. Well, the stroller, shopping cart, sit and spin, plastic golf bag, little kitchen, hot wheels garage, and rocking horse all stay (extra seating!). But the random shoes, socks, blocks, doll clothes, legos, pokemon cards, beyblades, etc., etc., …well, they do all fit in a laundry basket!

  2. You may have just motivated me to actually try sanding an ugly inherited dresser. It is a shiny, light–maybe pecan, color and I want it white. Am I crazy?? Never done it before. Tips??

      1. More like 70’s. I am too cheap to go buy a new bedroom set for a room that gets used 3 times a year, so “fixing up” is the way I am thinking. I am hoping when I start removing drawers I find that old auntie who owned it, was a hoarder of $100 bills taped to the bottoms.

  3. I would be ashamed to post pix of MY boy’s room… We still do not have it completely put back together after last Aug’s painting project!

    I also have a huge “family tree” to paste on the wall to which you add your own photographs, but it’s been gathering dust on the shelf for YEARS…

  4. I can’t tell you how many of those types of projects we have in our house! I don’t know when you will get that done, but I think it will be before I get mine done.

    And I love, love, love the way the TV cabinet was remade into a play kitchen.

    1. Summer, they have several of those tv cabinets to kitchens before and afters on that blog and every one of them is adorable! Click on their kids category to see more, plus at the bottom of each blog, there’s a link to similar posts.

      My husband cut an old oak one up for firewood, which would have been much nicer than the one we have on the basement, which is particle board, one we took on from our old daycare provider thinking we could use it for the kids. It’s just crap now, but oh the potential I now see!

  5. I actually kind of like that! LOL. I could really use something like that for hiding purposes as well. I have NO idea where to find it though…

  6. Am quite glad you pimped your blog on FB as I lost track of it a while ago and couldn’t find the URL. (I suspect I had saved it on the computer at my old office where I had more time for reading blogs!) It is nice to be able to catch up on everything that is going on with you. I think that material looks fabulous so I look forward to 2021 when the finished product is revealed!! 😉

  7. Oooh I can’t wait to see the finished product! And yes, I have a nasty old shelving unit to paint so I need Winter’s bitch ass to go home.

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