Aitch’s Cabinet

I finished it. And I love it.




I first “cleaned” it using a paint deglosser. I nearly used up one can of spray paint giving it about three even coats of color. I used batting to pad up the panels on the front of the drawers but not the sides. Just when I thought I was done, I added the stenciled pattern at the handles just to break up the teal.

What did my daughter say when I put it back into her room?

“It’s bootiful!”

P.S. I’ve added a new post that includes the details on the completion of the project.

20 thoughts on “Aitch’s Cabinet”

  1. Oh my goodness I have this cabinet too! I picked it up 6 years ago at a thrift store and actually thought someone had made it as a one off as I’d never seen one the same anywhere (I’m in Australia). Now it’s 2020 and I really want to update it, but was literally tearing my hair out deciding what to do with the thing. I had no idea there used to be a wicker panel in the top, mine has a plywood insert so I guess someone replaced the wicker before I got it. Thank you x 1 million for this idea, now I can finally do something amazing with it. I feel inspired at last, so glad I came across this on Pinterest!

  2. *Giggle* on your return comments on Lindsay’s blog! You go girl! I redid half my kitchen this year–had to stop when nursing school started–but I think smaller projects like this would have been easier to keep a’going . As it stands we now have no kitchen table or curtains. LOL Good luck on the second piece!

  3. Saw this on Better After. Love it! I could totally use this in my craft room. I’d love to see/ hear details on just how you added the fabric. Love the color choices.

  4. It sure is bootiful. Love that you saved it from being sold at your garage sale. Please share who makes that gorgeous fabric because I would love to see it in my living room. Maybe a couple throw pillows…

  5. That is Bootiful!!! I LOVE it.

    I wish I had an eye to do that kind of stuff because my house totally needs a do-over.

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