Dear Timbuk2 Bags

Dear Designers and R&D People of Timbuk2 Bags:

First of all, thank you for providing the protection necessary to my Kindle, which I’ve now had for two and a half years, which is impressive considering I have a son who has the ability to destroy anything within reach of his Nerf guns, Legos, battling Bakugans and Beyblades. Also, within that time I have raised a girl from babyhood to toddlerdom in the same household without Kindle Incidents.


I hate that everytime I have to take my Kindle out or return my Kindle to your envelope sleeve specifically designed for the Kindle, I scrape my knuckles on the hook strip of the hook-and-loop closure.

Why can’t you reverse the hook-and-loop closure so that the loops are on the flap? That way when I have a hold of my sweet Kindle, my delicate and lady-like knuckles will no longer scrape unpleasantly across the flap as I remove/return it and cause me to wince each and every time. Reading my Kindle is a joy. Retrieving it from the safety of your bag is not.

A simple change and one that will make us Timbuk2 users for life.


Scraped and Bleeding But Would Rather Not

6 thoughts on “Dear Timbuk2 Bags”

  1. Now, I don’t have a Kindle…I have the cheap-o knock-off LookBook. It came with a rather sturdy leather-like cover with a little pocket that the reader itself sits in. I don’t even have to take it out of the cover to use it. Just for fun, I went on ebay & saw a BUNCH of different covers/protective case-type-things for a Kindle.

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