Thanks for the encouragement in regards to me finishing my project. It’s nothing less than a miracle that I actually did and in such a short amount of time. Now I can only hope that these projects (in limbo) below will eventually get finished.

First we have the vanity dresser Sparring Partner bought at a garage sale. While it is an antique, the finish was faux tiger maple. Once the drawers were sanded we discovered that it has a mash-up of different wood used. It will get painted eventually. Luckily the mirror is intact.

This metal head- and foot-board for a twin-sized mattress was in one of the bedrooms in the house I grew up in up until about four years ago. I’m fairly certain it had been there 20 years before even I was born. My mother did something to it decades ago so that this ugly finish is the only way I’ve ever seen it. I’m envisioning it in Aitch’s room but only after a serious make-over.

And this? While I know it looks like pieces recovered from the scrap pile from a lumbar yard, they are the parts to an antique school desk that SP bought at the same garage sale as the dresser above. It was in awful condition and I really have no idea what will be under all that paint. My other concern is that SP won’t remember how to put it all back together by the time I get around to removing all that crap.

And the stack of drawers actually belong to a desk that had to be tossed as it was beyond salvage. However, I’ve seen drawers like this used as wall shelves. I just don’t really know where to put them or what to put IN them or if to bother to refinish them… The drawer on its side goes to the dresser and you can see where sanding was started, but as a testament to my inability to finish anything it is collecting dust and cobwebs.

I didn’t bother including pictures of the funky storage table I bought years ago or the screen door I want to hang the accumulation of the year’s greeting cards or the barrister bookcase SP used to hold all his music CDs…