How come…

…when one has an “a-ha!” moment, some refer to it as a “watershed moment*?” When I think of a watershed, I think of an out-house.

…generic prescription medications, who often advertise right on their packing, “Compare to Tylenol Cold & Flu”, don’t voluntarily recall their product when their name brand equivalent does? I’ve compared as they suggest, and I call bullshit.

…when I get dressed to go work out, I think, “Hey! My ass doesn’t look as dimply as I thought in these capri leggings!” but when I stand in front of the wall-to-wall mirror in front of 30 other women, I think I look like a bloated raccoon stuffed in fishnet stockings?

…with all the hoopla surrounding HIPAA, when I sign the pharmacy’s log book which identifies me as a potential meth producer, I can see everybody’s name, address, driver’s license number on the same form above my little section? I don’t like that my competition can get my personal information from the same form. Those crack heads are sneaky bastards. What kind of assurance do I get that one of them won’t break into my house and steal my box of Advil?

*[Probably translation of German Wasserscheide : Wasser, water + Scheide, divide, parting.]

6 thoughts on “How come…”

  1. As I understood it most of those recalls for medications were related to manufacturing issues with the plants they were using to manufacture the medicines, so it wasn’t the formulation that was the issue which is why it affected only those brand medications which used the same facilities.

  2. I’m with you on the workout gear… went to Zumba the other night feeling okay but looked around and suddenly I was the beached whale with too-tight pants looking 6 months pregnant. oy.

  3. You are right! I can’t believe that this info is all laying in an open book on the counter. I have offered to get a copy of my medical records for their wall.

    THOUGH…you may have just given me an idea for a cottage industry. We can all buy our max allowed Sudafed, and sell it to meth heads. Brilliant.

  4. Well, shit. Now I know how to get around those pesky pharmacy rules. Just legitimately buy one package and hope that the sheet is completely filled out. Then I know where to get the rest of the supply. PLUS, now I can make the meth in the car between house robbings! This is gonna be awesome! Thanks!

  5. I always make a joke about selling meth when I buy my Zyrtec-D. They probably think I sell it at this point. Oh well. I need me some drugs.

  6. Wow. Here, you don’t sign on paper, you do it on the credit card machine thingy and they enter the info in the computer. That is crazy scary.

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