How’d It Go?

It was a good first day. The person I am replacing is training me. She is moving to another office within the corporation so whatever questions or problems arise means I can and should call her. That means it is in her best interest to get me trained efficiently and accurately. Plus, there is no “deadline” on the horizons for her to be at the other office, so we can be quite thorough.

I think I’ll like it. I got a sniff of the office politics already. Apparently the clinic staff can get a little territorial and think she (and later, I) should go to them with questions about the procedures; however, the person training me told me quite simply that if I have questions about what happened in the chair, I talk to my boss: the doctor.

The highlight of my first day was having flowers delivered to my new office. Flowers from Sparring Partner? The last time he sent me flowers was….


Yeah. I have no idea when. It’s been years.

The day would’ve ended perfectly if I hadn’t had to come home to bickering and whining. Unfortunately, the largest contributor to this was the person who had sent me the flowers.

It’s like I had never stopped working.

8 thoughts on “How’d It Go?”

  1. Good … just good. I’m also glad to see that you are still posting as we have become accustomed to more posts and I would resent it if a mere job were to compromise that.

  2. Glad work went well and isn’t it nice to know that home life never changes? 😉 So happy for you.

  3. You ROCK woman, and you’ve got the flowers to prove it! I’m glad you had a successful first day, and that you have support on the job!

    The bickering and whining just prove how much your needed. Slowly they will learn to use their words to make their needs known, BUT you will always be needed. Good luck tomorow!

  4. Is there life without bickering and whining? I wouldn’t recognize it.

    Glad your first day went well. I hope you can develop a strategy for navigating the office politics. What a pain…

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