Hanging On

These represent all the pants I had hanging in my closet that a year ago I could wear but now cannot. I know for a fact that it was a year I was wearing these because I had brought some of them with me to Boston last Spring. I am now too fat for all of them and instead of letting them sit in my closet reminding me that once again my body fucking hates me, I folded them up and put them in a garbage bag destined for donating.

I didn’t cry, but I did choke back a sob or four. This makes me sadder than I could have imagined.

7 thoughts on “Hanging On”

  1. No one is harder on you than YOU. (we all do that to ourselves, don’t we?) You’re beautiful – inside and OUT. That should be your mantra. {{{hugs}}}

    And if you don’t believe, go ask SP 🙂

  2. Don’t actually donate yet. When I went back to work in the office, within a few months the pounds melted away. I don’t know if it was more activity, or stress, but either way, my “smaller” pants fit again.

  3. I hear you – unemployment was not pretty on my waistline either.

    I like Susanne’s suggestion. Shopping trip! And shoes. Shoes ALWAYS fit, no matter what pants size you are.


  4. Yeah, I know the feeling…but it seems like it’s only been a week for me!

    I agree with Susanne. Go buy some new pants.

  5. Oh my. I’ve heard that when you’re counting your blessings, you don’t have room for worry or sorrow or any of the other negative things that bring you down. Let’s try it together: my children, my very own SP, bright sunny days, rainbows and kittens with whiskers. Oh wait, I digress into song. . .

    Go buy new ones! Shopping always makes me feel better!

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