One Day at a Time

Tuesday night I took my first Ambien and first Paxil.

Wednesday morning I woke up with the kind of hangover that reminded me of my much younger days when I went through a different kind of drug experimentation. And not in a very good way at all. I wanted to puke.

I vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip. And I do mean VAGUELY.

Most of the day Wednesday I felt nauseous and lost some water weight due to intestinal distress, which my PA warned me about. The anticipation really didn’t do the eventual event much justice. I didn’t even dare to have my cup of espresso! It wasn’t until late afternoon that I finally started to feel considerably better.

Wednesday night I decided to skip the Ambien and just take the Paxil. That’s the one I need to get my body adjusted to (if it WILL adjust), plus I need to rule out which one was making me feel very much fucked up.

Thursday morning was rough, but nothing like Wednesday morning. I still avoided my coffee but no sudden evacuations (Are you catching my drift or do I need to snow again?). My brain feels distracted, befuddled. My concentration is shit right now. My eyeballs hurt. I had to develop an xray and as I stood in the dark room with just the red light on I teetered and swayed even though I am wearing flats because I felt unbalanced.

God I hope Day 3 is better. They say that it can take a couple weeks to feel better. I just think that after a couple of weeks you get use to the crappy side affects and that in itself can make you happier, not that it’s chasing away the Depression.