It’s a Better Day, Relatively Speaking

Today is a little bit better. I only took half of the Ambien and in doing so there’s no way I’m going to make those suckers last twice as long if I completely obliterate one side in trying to cut it in half. I’m going to have to finesse the fine art of halving the tiny pill or end up with a bottle full of ambien dust that’ll have to be snorted. And I don’t think it’s made for that intent, while on the other hand I’m sure some moron has tried.

I’m going to bitch about something else, OK? I’ll have to get all this out of my system before the ADs work their magic and I end up just shrugging my shoulders in bored indifference when this kind of shit comes up in the future. Let’s talk health care insurance.

I work in a medical office as a coordinator. I won’t get anymore detailed on that but it’ll explain why I have to talk to people like the one I’m going to mention in the following tirade:

If you had a fairly major surgery performed a year ago and now are finally getting statements billing you for the balance after your insurance finally paid, don’t come whining and pissing and moaning to me about how long it took. Insurance companies are fuckers. They will try all kinds of random shit to keep the benefits in their company’s coffers including "losing the claim", "sending it for review", "requesting medical documentation", "confirming student status," etc., etc. And while YOU (and I don’t mean you-YOU, I mean the policy holder who called me up with a bug up her ass), have every right to be concerned over how long it took your insurance to pay out benefits, it’s not like you can act all surprised that you are getting a bill.

Did you think the medical office just "forgot" to bill you? Did you never wonder what your ever insurance paid? I know damned well that if we get a request or a denial in the office, you got a copy of it, too, so that should have been a little reminder to follow up and see what’s going on.

And finally, just because you are friends with one of the staff here and a cousin to another, don’t think you can call me and pull the ole’, "Well, next time I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere!" bullshit and think I’ll woo you or apologize in hopes you won’t. I say good riddance. My doctor will say good riddance, ESPECIALLY since you are a cousin/friend of the staff. Blow as hard as you want, you are not going to get me to apologize on the behalf of our office for the incompetency of your insurance company or the fact you didn’t take responsibility for the services you sought out and were provided.

Suck it to the marrow, Ho-bag.