Like Water Off A Duck’s Ass

That’s how many of the things that would bother me before feel now. I’m almost wishing Sparring Partner was taking ADs as well and then maybe he wouldn’t blow his fuse every time Doodicus opened his mouth.

I can’t help but wonder if I had done this three years ago, would I have lost my job? Isn’t that crazy? What ifs still haunt me, but it’s been a long time since I thought about my ex-boss in a way that wouldn’t be considered premeditation in a court. Obviously part of it is finding a very comparable job after two and half years of looking, looking, and looking, but I no longer miss where I worked or who I worked with.

I’m still trying to square out the sleep issues. The ambien gets me to sleep, but doesn’t keep me there. I’m tossing and turning by 3:00 am. NOT taking the ambien means a little longer getting to sleep, but I’m once again tossing and turning by 3:00 am. I’ll keep my eyes open (literally?) for other options to the suppository-sized gelcaps of melatonin from my last post. I admit that I reread the instructions to make sure they WEREN’T suppositories.

ADs: not for everyone, but seriously? If you’re a hot, angry mess of tears and rage, I would strongly recommend.

Speaking of a hot, angry mess, Sparring Partner and I are considering finishing our basement. We didn’t when we built the house just because we had no idea how we wanted it finished. We have about 2,000 sq ft to work with and plumbing for one bathroom and a kitchenette already dropped in addition to one large bedroom space already framed but not walled.

SP said that he’s going to have a dropped ceiling installed. I said “you’re fucking insane!” That’s only the first of hundreds of disagreements this next adventure holds for us. I also want heated flooring and sound barriers installed in the ceiling and walls since HE wants to have a media center. Aaaaannnnnd….? yeah, that’s all I’ve got in mind so far.

Do you have a finished basement? What should we consider? What should we avoid? It’s a walk-out to the backyard and patio. This is the view from the outside, except now there’s grass and we decided the propane tank would look better about 100 yards away.

7 thoughts on “Like Water Off A Duck’s Ass”

  1. ADs save my and my family’s sanity, for sure.

    As for the basement – we moved in and it was completly finished and I tell ya, having “real” ceilings does make it feel more like a part of the home and not just like a basement.

  2. My brother and sis-in-law just finished a movie theater in their basement – and they love it. Especially with the heat – more fun to hang out downstairs. They put in 3 bedrooms, making their home a 7 bedroom house now (one non-conforming), which according to the realtor bumps up the value considerably. In addition, they put in a full kitchen (rather than just a bar), and my brother’s office is down there. Plus 2 storage rooms. I would have left some open carpeted area just for play space for the kids.

    On the ambien – have you tried the Ambien cr? I had the problem with it not keeping me asleep all night, but the cr worked beautifully. BUT – I handle ambien exceptionally well. My husband has a horrible time waking up from it, and it causes awful nightmares for my mom.

  3. I hope I don’t sound like a jackass when I suggest melatonin. Have you already tried it? I find it works far better than prescription sleep aids and it keeps me asleep. You can usually find it in different dosages. I have used it in both 3 and 5 mgs with good results on both.

    I’m glad the ADs are helping. They make all the difference for me.

  4. I am so glad to hear that the AD’s are helping! I know the first weeks are tough but once your body adjusts and builds up the levels it needs, the difference is amazing. I found I still feel everything but the feelings aren’t turned up to 11 every. stinking. day. As for the basement, I had friends who had heated floors and it was wonderful to walk on in the winter plus it will provide some heat for the room itself. I like pocket doors as well, and they are MUCH easier to install into new framing as opposed to existing walls. Saves a ton of floor space and are much harder to slam. ;o)

  5. The drop ceiling, while unfortunate to look at, is practical in the event you need to do some plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical work. Rather than rip out the ceiling, you can pull down some tiles, do what you need to do, and then put the tiles back.

    You have expensive tastes, my dear! We do everything on the cheap around here. I advise putting your wet bar or kitchenette near your bathroom to minimize the plumbing. Our floors are not heated, and it gets a little cold in winter, but it’s not too bad. I second the idea of the tile floor at the entrance from the walkout.

  6. I’m no help on the basement but I agree on the AD’s. They were a lifesaver for me back in ’09 (when I got laid off and found out about the chiari). Not only for me, but I think our entire household. It’s amazing how much more settled everyone was when I was so angry/anxious all the time.

    Good luck trying to resolve the sleep issues. I took trazadone as a sleep aid (it’s originally written as a mild AD but works well for some as a sleeping pill) — it was just enough to help me get to sleep without lying awake for hours. I don’t remember really waking up in the middle of the night with it. But my issue wasn’t staying asleep as much as it was getting there.

  7. I have a finished basement. I hate the dropped ceiling. I wish we had heated flooring and sound barriers. (We bought the house with the finished basement, so didn’t finish it ourselves.)

    One thing I do love, though, is that we have a section of ceramic tile floor right by our walkout to the backyard. That way, when we come in with muddy, grassy feet, there’s a place to take off shoes and wipe feet that doesn’t involve the carpet. (That said, we’re getting rid of the carpet in two weeks, in my campaign to rid the house of ANY carpet.)

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