I’m a RSVP Nazi. I think that if I send out an invite to my kid’s party with a phone number or email to RSVP to that it’s not unreasonable to expect a response either way.

Not only am I a RSVP Nazi, I’m also a Hypocrite. Nice to meet’cha.

An acquaintance (a girl I temped with a year ago) invited us to her wedding reception. On the postcard-like invite, we were asked to RSVP on their website or their phone by a certain date. A week before their wedding, she sent me a text wondering if we were going to be there so she could get a final meal count.

I can’t believe she would have contacted everyone who hadn’t RSVP’d, can you? I thought well, maybe, she hadn’t invited that many so catching those last half dozen or so….but I’m not buying that either. If she invited me, who hasn’t seen her much less talked to her in months, she probably invited tons of other people who are much closer than we are. Unless she doesn’t have friends?

Is it weird that she text me? Would you? I’m not talking about a birthday party with ten kids, either.

She must recognize my fabulousness and wanted to make sure I was going to be there.

Yeah, that’s it. Fabulousness.

7 thoughts on “Fabulousness”

  1. We emailed/text/called everyone we invited who had not RSVP’d. We had a fudge factor built in but we didn’t want a HUGE fudge factor considering we were paying per person….

  2. Okay, apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t find it odd. You pay by the head for a wedding reception, so yes, you would need a final number and therefore need to follow up on RSVPs.

  3. Ok, if they did the little card in the invite with the pre-paid envelope for the response, I would feel obligated to let them know one way or the other. The rest of the time, I think I generally assume they’ll figure I am not coming if I don’t respond. This is not standard for kid parties though – I invited our son’s entire class (school policy – you have to invite the whole class or none at all), got 7 RSVPs, which I thought was great. 28 kids showed up -including the little brothers of one of the kids, who were NOT invited, and cost us an extra $10 for the laser tag and pizza. (Which at that point was completely irrelevant, it was just the point!) I think the parents went out and had a date night, since all their kids were with us!

  4. I think it’s a little strange, yes. I’ve never heard of calling on RSVPs unless it’s some dumb Pampered Chef party in which the chick asks you to call your friends and you lie when you tell her you did.

  5. I think it’s WEIRD but not uncommon. A few years ago we were invited to a wedding of a woman Gabe went to high school with. While they were friends in high school they really hadn’t talked much at all in the 4-5 years following. He was flattered to get an invite but basically said “not interested” and threw it away without sending in the “no thanks” card. Well about two weeks before the wedding we got a call about the RSVP. We sent our regrets about not attending and they were super nice – just wanting a “head count” but I still found it odd. Especially because her father is a doctor and I know this affair was going to be a HUGE one. I would say it was all the fabulousness you exude and the need to have you there!! 🙂

  6. My only thought was the memory that only about 30% RSVP’d to us, but 80%+ showed up. We did a mental headcount of the people we knew would come (they thought we “knew” so they didn’t respond) then added the people that would come even though we really didn’t care if they came or not. In the end we had enough food, but ran out of one kind of beer, and short on wine, had too much liquor and most of a cake left.

    Wait. Did you ask a question? Oh, yeah. I think it is odd, but if she is a 20-something it’s probably routine for her and she probably BCC everyone the same text. (?)

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