Stopped Up

Remember how I said that potty training has been going relatively well except the BMs? Of course you remember. You hang on my every word, right?

Well, Aitch just spent the past two hours cuddled next to me with either tears in her eyes or squeezed out to trail down her cheeks crying in pain. Sunday afternoon was her last BM when normally she has one every day like clockwork. Sparring Partner left just a few minutes ago to take her to an urgent care.

Keep her in your thoughts.

Poor lil’ pooper. Or UN-pooper, as the case may be.

Update: I just told my son it was time to go to bed:

“Wha…?! Aitch gets to stay up!”

“Next time, you can go to the doctor and get something shoved up your backside to help you poop and THEN you can stay up late, OK?”

11 thoughts on “Stopped Up”

  1. See, your explanation of why he had to go to bed but she didn’t was WAY nicer than we ever would. We would have just said ‘We like her better. Goodnight!’ But then, that’s what happens when there are 5 children.

  2. Oh, poor kiddo. I hope she feels better soon.

    O stopped pooping just before potty training too too – basically waited to go on the potty until he couldn’t wait anymore. Once he did it ONCE, though? No going back.

    So, uh, maybe add prune juice to EVERYTHING for her? 🙂

    (Kidding. Sort of.)

    I really hope she’s feeling better soon. And good on SP for being the one to take her to urgent care. That is a job I would have NOT wanted to do.


  3. Poor thing…. a little potty anxiety? I keep a box of suppositories around for Geran just in case. But he doesn’t have an issue pooping anymore. He loves to make “poop babies” in the toilet. He makes little voices for them too while they are swimming around. Boys are awesome.

  4. Oh you kill me! What did he have to say to that response? Thanks for the laugh this early in the am. I hope that everything is better with the girl. We had days like that, especially long weekends when Marjorie was only able to poop at the babysitter’s house. Now she insist on dropping a dukie at everyplace we go that has a bathroom. Lucky them! 😉

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