Not Exactly The Bell Jar But Just As Crazy

I’ve been looking forward to this week since I knew I’d finally have time to update my blog. My boss is supposed to be at a work-related retreat and I don’t have to be in my office when he’s not there. You have no idea how much I love working for a one-physician office. I don’t care if at this point I still haven’t garnered enough PTO. I’ll take an unpaid vacation for a week, especially since I went 2 1/2 years without a paid vacation.

But now that I have all this time to write, I can’t think of anything to sit and write about. Not to say I don’t have some seriously grand ideas, but you know, that kind of writing takes TOO much thought. The trivial things get written about on FB, which hey, that’s the whole point of FB, right? Which reminds me, that was going to be one of my topics for a post, which also reminds me, I’ve decided to see what kind of potential shit-storms are waiting for me by posting a link to my FB page via my “About” page here on my blog. Find me. Friend me. We can be trivial together. And for those who already are friends with me on FB, TESTIFY!

Weird story that was too long to share on FB: my uncle passed away recently. His wife, my aunt (dad’s sister), passed away a few years ago and rumor had it that she was quite a hoarder. My uncle had cleared out some things but in his 90s, he could barely do more than make enough room for his walker. I don’t think the hoarding was dead-cat-in-the-sofa kind of hoarding, but I found out that now that both of the parents were gone, the eldest went through the house and threw piles and piles of newspapers and bills and records into a bonfire. A shame actually, as my aunt was military and some of that may have been rather interesting.

My sister went to the house and was quite proud of the fact that she was given several old watches that belonged to my aunt, none of them in working order, but nice pieces of jewelry nonetheless. I wasn’t comfortable circling the remains, as it were, and have decided to wait for the estate sale. If there’s something I really want, I should be willing to pay for it.

But then I heard that in the house was something I would have LOVED to have sitting in my cabinet for display, however it is likely it was destroyed for lack of practical value. It belonged to my grandfather (my dad’s dad) who had died when I was just a baby. Something so unique that it cannot be replicated; it cannot be found on ebay or even craigslist. It was…

….my grandfather’s appendix in a jar.

I am heartsick.

Get it?! HEARTsick!!

Yes, I am one sick puppy. Admit it, that’s why you still come back.

15 thoughts on “Not Exactly The Bell Jar But Just As Crazy”

  1. Don’t find appendixes all that exciting myself, then again I make a living taking bad one’s out. If it weren’t for being weird and having to actually send it in to the pathologist these days, I’d send you one. Not sure I get the “heart”sick comment though….

  2. For that story alone I must remain your friend on Facebook because what if the next time the story is short enough for a FB post and I miss it? That would be a travesty…. BTW what would you have done with an appendix in a jar?? Christmas centerpiece?

  3. we have the same job…. also… I’ve always wanted to have body parts in a jar- I’d even backlight them with eerie green or red light just to REALLY show them off and creep other people out. Always thought the jarred pig fetuses (fetii???) looked cool too. especially the really wrinkly ones!!

    Makes me wonder if people who work in medical-related fields are twisted already- and that’s why they work in medically-related jobs; or if it’s the JOBS that make us twisted!! 😀

  4. Heh heh… that sounds suspiciously like one of MY prized possessions… a 4-month pinto equine fetus-in-a-jar! He’s adorable, w/his teeny-tiny hooves & distinct black & white pattern already evident on his skin…

    One of my riding buddies guilted me into signing up for FB, and I watch the controversies swirl around w/mild bemusement. If ANYTHING was created for banal cocktail-party type chatter, it’s FB! I do find it useful for sharing photos & snippets of news – yep, absolute trivia.

    But somebody please explain it to my hubby (who never seemed to quite “get it”), why I was so upset when HE signed on & failed to list himself as a married man!?!?!? Certainly he changed his status, but it was purely to appease the raging Bitch in da house…

    1. If I was ever in your office, I would totally want to see that, Val.

      And my husband took a long time to admit he was married to me as well. But with his rants about Nebraska football, I was glad I could avoid the association for as long as possible.

  5. That treasure would belong on a mantle surrounded by twinkle lights. Don’t wait for the sale, you will end up in a bidding war with an appendix collector.

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