Tinker Bell Buns

I found this really cute idea on Pinterest about turning thin, long hair into a full bun by simply using a sock. I thought it was worth repinning – even though my hair is ubershort – because many of my friends have long hair, but then I realized this would be great for Aitch, my 3 1/2 year old.

Her hair, which is straight and long, is also very thin and fine. Styling is rather limited to a ponytail or just letting it hang down. I thought I’d give this idea a try to see if it was as simple as it looked. Here she is Before:


I went through my lost-mate sock basket and found one that I thought would work both because of its tan color and because of its less bulky size. First I just cut the toe off as the original instructions indicated, but once I rolled it up to see how it would look, it was way too bulky. I then cut off the whole foot leaving the leg portion. My hand is there for size comparison.


I rolled up the sock, which was now a much better size, and threaded Aitch’s ponytail up through the center, folded a little over and then rolled the sock down her head while wrapping the hair around it. This was the first time result:


I think this is a very cute alternative to the ponies (as we refer to them), especially if going to church or out with the grandparents (who give us the stink eye whenever she shows up with her hair down in her face). I also think this would be adorable on a flower girl who has hair that just won’t stay curled. Imagine pinning a tiny spray of flowers at the base of the bun. Cute, right?!

The idea works. The only downside is that Aitch didn’t like it and tried to pull it out herself nearly causing a incurable tangle of hair. I’ll give it a try when she isn’t so cranky-ass tired. Also, if you have a Pinterest account, we should totally follow each other!

7 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Buns”

  1. I went a step further with it. I left it in Maggie’s super-fine, thin, straight hair. I spritzed a little water in it while I was rolling it. I left it in overnight & when we took it out the next morning, she had loose, wavy, beautiful curls. She was THRILLED! wants to do it every night. I have another curl-thing we do for her that gives her Taylor Swift-like ringlets. Ya wanna hear about it??

  2. I’m with OHN – need more specific directions! But it does look cute…

    I can’t keep up with all your stuff – still resisting G+ and now you want me to join Pinterest? I’m going to have a social media breakdown!

  3. That came out so well! (If we were in person, I would have said it came out so good. But then I got self-conscious when I was writing it, and wondered if it was supposed to be “well.” This is one of the areas I’ve never quite gotten straightened out.) I’m going to try it on Elizabeth’s hair: her hair looks JUST like Aitch’s.

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