Draft: July 2010


Oh my! This brings back many happy memories! Last summer the inflatable pool I had bought 3 years prior to that finally made its debut. We had tried to set it up in the back yard but it wasn’t level and the yard was nothing but sand and we just couldn’t keep it clean. Plus Doodicus was not a water lover.

And then we poured a patio and the pool fit perfectly on it. Aitch was a total water baby and her lack of fear made us a bit panicky. Here she is after climbing the ladder and then leaping off into her dad’s arms, whether he was ready or not.

We set the pool up again this past summer but it was fraught with issues insomuch it had several pinhole leaks and a tear, After several patches were set up (and still more were found), we lazily failed to clean it after a week and once the water turned green, the damage was done. We took it down and it ended up in the trash.

Seeing this picture reminds me of how much I missed that summer of 2010.

Draft: July 2010

It’s hard to believe that we have been in our home for almost five years. I will never forget how my daughter’s room started off as the “Baby’s Room” when I was pregnant with Vivienne and we were drawing up blueprints back in 2004. And when it became the “Spare Bedroom”, I never allowed myself to imagine that it would be anything but.

When I first found out I was pregnant from our donor cycle and would sleep in that room because Sparring Partner was snoring, I would lay awake with my hands clasped protectively over my abdomen and plea to whatever powers that be to let this one stay. Tears would leak from my eyes when I squeezed them with earnest and they would spill down my face and into my ears.

Over the past two years, I still wipe tears from my cheeks. The Baby’s Room became the Spare Bedroom and then the Baby’s Room again. I’m slowly accepting that it’ll lose it’s hopes and dreams-based title for good all too soon.


Drafted a year and half ago and I honestly can’t recall where I was going with it. I decided to post it as is since it coincides with the fact we literally just set up Aitch’s new bed in her room. The “baby’s room”.