We set up my daughter’s new bed in her room, much to her excitement and anticipation. And in typical psycho-toddler fashion, she promptly refused to sleep in it. Everything one should do when introducing a “big girl/boy bed” was attempted, which included letting her pick the sheets and blankets, setting the bed up without the frame (to keep it low) and putting it in the corner so there are at least two sides are roll-out-proof.

But she still crawls into her crib at night. Yes. She crawls in. She won’t crawl out. She’s always been such a weird child… I asked her why she likes her crib and not her bed. Her answer, “The bed doesn’t have a cage around it.”

Alrighty, then.

We finally removed the drop-down gate on her crib as another step in the Transition, but even I fretted about keeping her feeling secure and didn’t want her rolling out of bed. Somewhere in the back of my head, I recalled a simple tip that involved a swim noodle. Surprisingly, I even remembered where we had stuffed them away after this summer was good and over so I took one and cut it to the length of Aitch’s crib.


Once cut, I simple stuffed it under the edge of her fitted crib sheet.


And now as you can see by her wee, ski-feet, both she and her many, many sleeping accoutrements are fairly safe from rolling easily out of her crib. I’ll let you know if this actually works. For sake of a happy ending, let’s assume that it did.


6 thoughts on “Transition”

  1. I think the Mini fell out of bed once, and he sleeps right on the edge, but rarely moves. She broke the guard rail and I didn’t feel like buying another one. And she hasn’t fallen out yet. He had a harder time being taken out of the crib (perhaps it was because it was given to his sister), and cried for a week. She was climbing out of her crib, so it was pointless to keep her in it.

    1. It just gets stuffed under the sheet. If I used just a flat sheet, I would probably have to come up with a way to keep it secure. We’ll also use this method when she FINALLY decides to sleep in her bed. At least with the noodles we can use them again for something else. Rails for toddler beds or cribs I would have to put on a garage sale eventually.

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  2. Also, in spite of the lack of noodle, my daughter never did fall out of bed. There was about 1 inch of side rail keeping her in, but that’s about it.

  3. Huh. I should have tried that when we converted my daughter’s crib to a daybed. The things you learn on the internet!

    Also, your blog is snowing, which always makes me feel like I’m about to have an aneurysm or some other bad brain event.

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