Home Alone

A Blogging Friend asked on Facebook, “Is blogging dead?”

It inspired me to write a post.

It will prove that in my response, Yes, that blogging is indeed dead. At least here it is.

In nine more weekends, we will be in Florida taking our first full-on family vacation since sometime in 2007. I think. Maybe it was 2006. Both children are old enough for Disney, but Doodicus, being ten, will soon be outside of that realm and think it is all quite dull, or to quote him from this summer’s trip to the mountains, “Lame.”

With Doodicus now ten (by just a couple of days), I did something that may cause a furor with some of you: I left him alone with Aitch while I ran an errand in town. Before panties start twisting too much, I was only gone for 20 minutes. Yes, I know, it only takes a few seconds for shit to go wrong, but I trusted my son with this responsibility. And I have to tell you, he was so excited when I told him. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “My first time home alone! Yes!” *fist pump* “I’ll help Aitch if she has to go potty or I will get her something to drink and I’ll watch her really closely!”

I may have deflated his excitement a bit when I told him that he’d hardly even realize I was gone. I noted that the clock in my car said 4:38 when I left and 4:55 when I pulled back into the garage.

His initial response to such responsibility was encouraging. As he gets older, that privilege always seems to turn into such a chore, and I guess it will be, since when he’s 17 and 18, he might be chauffeuring his 11 year-old, geeky sister around town. I am also hoping that his response will be just as pumped up when he and Aitch are presented with their personalized Mickey Mouse ears at Christmas, our way of telling them about this upcoming trip (that I STILL have yet to book flights for – I HATE doing that). I am worried he’ll lift the plastic ears attached to the felt beanie out of the box and think, “Oh, hell no. I am NOT wearing that!” and be so consumed by that alone that he’ll fail to let himself get excited.

I feel it’s my duty to those of you with young children: They go from age six to seventeen overnight and the wonder of New! and Fun! and Beauty! and Silliness! gets sucked right out of them. Don’t worry. They’ll get it back again at 21 when they go back to college and a pretty girl or cute boy catches their eye.