Poop & Love

Sometime in July of this year, which was around the time my daughter turned three years old, she pooped in the potty for the first time.

Alas. It was the last time as well.

Nope, still not going anywhere but in her diaper. We’ve even tried sitting her on the potty while wearing the diaper. Methinks she was a bit traumatized. What say you?

(WTF: “Alas”? “Methinks”? “What say you?”?)

Not even bringing out the princess Barbie still in its box and setting it on the bathroom counter in all its pink, glittering glory, could persuade her to just try already. In all likelihood, we will have to tote around diapers on our trip to WDW and that seriously bums me out.

Don’t worry about making any suggestions. They’ve been debunked. If you think we haven’t tried, go ahead and make your Pooper Fixer in the comments and I’ll let you know how that went.

Aitch’s new big girl bed is rather comfy, speaking for experience. I’ve been sleeping on it instead of the sofa sleeper when Sparring Partner starts to snore, which most assuredly he does right around 11:15 p.m. (and if by the grace of ambien I sleep through THAT, it starts again around 5:00 a.m.). It was about that time this morning that she woke me up with some whimpering. I looked over to see her sitting up in her crib.

“Are you cold?” I whispered. “Yes.” “Come over here and lie down with Mommy so you can warm up.” “I can’t get out of bed,” she responded almost desperately. “It’s OK this time. Just come over here.”

I flipped back the my blankets while she crawled out of her crib making sure to grab her Flower (a flower-patterned blanket, Tinker Bell (a blanket with Tinker Bell) and both Unicorns (natch) (I told you we took the side rail off the crib, right?), and plunked it down on the now cleared area next to me and she curled right up. After making sure to nest her toes in the small of my back, she was out.

When Sparring Partner whispered to me about an hour later that it was time to get up, I crawled over Aitch who barely shifted in her sleep. Just as I shut off the water in the shower, I heard her crying over the monitor. SP went in and soothed her but also encouraged her to get up and get dressed. She is not a good waker-upper. Have I told you that the daycare staff draw straws to determine who gets to wake her from nap time?

Anyway, by the time I had slapped on my make-up and dressed for work, she was out having breakfast with SP and Doodicus. I asked why she was crying earlier. “I was worried about you. I woke up in my bed and you were gone,” and my heart melted into my boots.

Sure, she still craps herself when she’s not being anal retentive, but she loves me like no other.
OH! Right before I published this, I remembered this little "nugget". I came up with the idea to have her sit on the potty while in her diaper pooping after one especially touching moment when after she demanded a diaper so she could indeed poop (and we do NOT withhold that request because that will bring us back to 6 days of NOT pooping), she then asked to sit in my lap. Which she did, and then D I D. She used me as a toilet folks. And if that ain’t love…

6 thoughts on “Poop & Love”

  1. I hate to be cliche here, but it WILL happen when she’s ready. The problem is that it’s so infuriating to figure out WHEN that will be!

    We have one down (Car.sten) — who was very difficult in the #2 area as well, but was finally bribed with the Cars 2 DVD if he did 20 poops in the potty — and one to go (Al.ex) – who has the pee thing down with no problem but insists that he does not want to poop in the potty. He had done quite a few at school and home, and then had some regression, we’re not sure why, for a few weeks he was peeing in his pull-ups too instead of using the potty. With Al.ex there are more issues at play (many we haven’t figured out yet), so we’re just letting him guide the process with encouragement along the way…

    Right there with you!

  2. My friends daughter did the same thing for about 4 or 5 months. She would pee in the potty and then ask for a diaper to go poop. And she would not poop when she was out. Would only poop, in a diaper, at home. Then one day a few weeks ago, her mom heard the toilet flush. The girl had pooped on the toilet on her own, flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Now she wants absolute privacy whenever she poops. She goes off on her own without saying a word, doesn’t want anyone near her or calling attention to what she is doing. I think your daughter will poop in the toilet/potty when she is ready.

  3. Ha. My heart melted when I was holding my BF’s foster baby girl, around 18 mos old, & she fell asleep & peed on me!
    That’s OK, it was nice & warm 😉 I had the worst baby fever for a while – for HER! but they were not going to separate the siblings (she has an older brother).
    (need to go do my own post)

  4. Three is the age. Seriously. Wedged between baby and kid. Knowing this is the last 3 I’ll ever have as my own kid, I’m way more forgiving (most of the time, than I might’ve been otherwise.) Good luck, hoping you’ve got more heartmelt than headache.

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