Made it back from Disney. Alive but barely as I am now nursing one mother of a cold.

I was on Facebook getting ready to update, but wanted to block a couple people from the post (IRL people so don’t get paranoid on me), but I couldn’t remember the one person’s name!

I wasn’t about to pull up my friends’ list because I would ultimately notice how many less friends I might possibly have. I had to actually stop and stare into space to recall the person’s name. I bring her up only to find out that we aren’t friends anymore. Not that we were really friends to begin with; she’s a new neighbor and she works for my hairdresser – and that’s it.

What annoys me is that she sent me the friend request and I of course accepted, because regardless of what I write here I really am not an asshole. At least not an INTENTIONAL asshole. Accidentally? Hell, yes.

So she seeks me out, not that long ago, and already I’ve somehow annoyed or insulted her enough to unfriend me. That’s kind of douchey, I think. Did she just want to snoop into my life and find that there were too many updates with “fuck” in them?

This is an example of why I hate letting people from IRL into my social media-scape. I will eventually see this person around and there will be that awkward moment and I bet we’ll both pretend we didn’t see each other.

More on Disney World later, including pictures. I’m in a Nyquil daze and can barely keep both eyes open at the same time. One eye part of the time? No problem.

4 thoughts on “Douchestic”

  1. Her loss.

    I have three outstanding requests from people that want to friend me. Two used to be neighbors that moved away. We barely spoke when they lived three doors down and around the corner. I haven’t accepted their requests and am sure they now meet daily for coffee dishing on what a bitch I am. Fuck ’em.

    To be honest, your fbook updates make my sad, dreary life so much more fun. 🙂

  2. Ah – Facebook friends. Sometimes I think they’re just messing with me, because I have searched out people a number of times (including my mother) only to be completely unable to find them. And then they show up in my feed the next day. Weirdness.

    Hope you’re feeling better – hope Disney was FANTASTIC!

  3. Take some Nyquil for me aa I have one too. Sucky part is that beyond throat lozenges, I can’t take squat. Enjoy the Nyquil induced haze! 🙂

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