Same Places; Different Faces

My plan, which was so roughly put together as I had never been to Disney World before, was to end up in whatever theme park we had made dining reservations in. Yes, we bought the dining plan. I’ll go over that stuff later.

Because of our late check-in Saturday, I had our breakfast plans changed to lunch thinking – hoping! – that the kids would sleep in. But how can you sleep in on the first day of getting to Disney, right?!

We also have no idea how the transportation system would work. We had rented a car, but we thought we would start off using the bus system that ran from our resort to the park of the day: Magic Kingdom. It was easy enough to figure out. After walking from our building to the main building, on the way discovering that there was actually a bus stop right close to our compound, the buses arriving and leaving the resort were clearly marked and we just hopped on the one marked for the Kingdom.

The kids were thrilled with riding the bus. We could have flown back home by 11:00 a.m. and called it a successful vacation.

We took the typical photographs and saw the typical sites. The weather was cloudy but comfy even though it sprinkled on us during the closing ceremony at Cinderella’s castle.