I Remember My First Sleepover

My first sleepover was when I was eight or nine and it was at Lisa’s house. That night, I was scared of how dark it was in her room so I was able to convince her to leave the little lamp on her dresser. However, the light was too bright for her so our compromise was to cover it with her older sister’s blouse. It was red. Several hours later we both woke to the smell of something burning to discover a thin wisp of smoke coming up from the lamp where the light-bulb had generated enough heat to scorch the blouse. Lisa’s mom and sister were furious. I never did have another sleepover at Lisa’s house.


4 thoughts on “I Remember My First Sleepover”

  1. I’m sorry, but that seems like a somewhat ridiculous response from Lisa’s mom and sister. I understand that yes, it could have been much more serious, but it wasn’t something you intended! (my sister and I put a duffel bag over a light once for similar reasons, and have had it as an inside joke ever since – one of us will just randomly say, “why is there a bag on the light?” and we can’t stop giggling for about half an hour :))

    1. I don’t know if not being invited again was a reflection over the incident or because I was such a geek and Lisa and I were never that close. I had her at my house for a sleepover some years later and while she showed up, she had the flu.

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