I Remember Fake IDs

When I was a freshman in college, I would forge documents for students so they could get a fake ID from the state that showed them to be legal drinking age. All I needed was a photocopy of a birth certificate. I would white-out the year and type over it and then photo-copy it again. Since the students weren’t attempting to get driver’s licenses, it was all the state required. I of course made one for myself. I walked by a bar and they were looking for part-time employment. I completed the application and then headed over to where they sold carry-out liquor. I headed up to the counter with my purchase and dug out my fake ID. As I was standing there, the guy who I had turned over my app to came up and put it down next to me on the counter in front of the clerk selling me booze. He tapped meaningfully on the birthdate of my application. The clerk, who had been examining my ID, looked at me with a smirk. I left utterly humiliated by my stupidity and without my fake ID. I didn’t make another.

2 thoughts on “I Remember Fake IDs”

  1. I got my fake ID in Chicago, and the address was technically on the shore of Lake Michigan – like the actual shore aka the beach…but the street name is fairly prestigious. So, I take my fake ID to the liquor store in Wyoming, where the guy looks at my address and says “Oh, you’re from Chicago! I’m from XYZ Suburb. Oooh – ABC Drive…you’re dad must be a doctor or something!” I responded with “or something…”

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