I Remember Grape Flavoring

I entered my freshman year of college at the ripe old age of barely 18. A couple of my dorm-friends and I went to the local liquor store and illegally bought booze. My choice was grape Mad Dog 20/20. I don’t think I was mixing it with anything. We drove around town and drank and giggled and drank some more. Our driver had just parked the car on campus and I stumbled out and promptly threw up. My first buzz-ending-in-puking-adventure. It’s taken many years, but once in a while I’m able to take a couple of sips of grape soda. Remember the kool-aid flavored, wax bottles? The ones with grape tastes just like that Mad Dog.

5 thoughts on “I Remember Grape Flavoring”

  1. I only bought mad dog one time…thought it was horrible. Just don’t say ‘rumplemintz’ around me. That’s my only buzz-turned-vomit beverage, thankfully.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeew, “back in MY day” our illicit beverage of choice was peppermint schnapps; we would mix it w/7-Up.
    I bought a bottle last winter, thinking I’d spike my hot chocolate just for auld lang syne, but have never cracked the seal…
    (Oh, & the only time I made myself really sick was on vodka so I can’t touch it anymore)

  3. I had airplane bottles of rum that my sister gave me. I still can’t drink rum. I never had to resort to Mad Dog, though…

    Comment on other post was under xj2608…

  4. Ahhh, Mad Dog. I had a similar experience except it was the summer before my senior year of high school and I was driving around with my older sister and her friend. We got home, stumbled to the side door of our house where I promptly threw up in the flower bed… with my mom asking what happened? My lovely sister, more drunk than I, told her I had been drinking and she tried to get me to stop.
    I have not, and will never, drink anything grape flavored again.

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