Confessions of a Pinterest Snob (alternative title: Bitching for Bitch-sake)

When I was new to Pinterest, I went nuts. I "PINNED ALL THE THINGS!!" without realizing the consequences of repinning repins of repins. For me, I really do prefer to shop on-line and I believed Pinterest could help me find my shopping Nirvana. I think the last pair of shoes I bought in a store AFTER trying them on was in Boston and that’s been two summers ago (three??). My love of shoes is what eventually soured me on Pinterest. Here’s kind of how it all went down.

Someone I was following pinned a really cute outfit and I adored the shoes. Clicking on the pin took me to a tumblr site and from there….nothingness. No link to original source. I fell down that rabbit hole over and over and it just started pissing me off. First change I made was I stopped reciprocating. In the beginning if someone followed a board I had, I would follow all of theirs. If this practice was true for the blogging world, it should be true for Pinterest, right?

Well, it’s not. Some of these people I followed had pins dedicated to their dream/imaginary wedding they would have on Mars, their first baby – actually babies, because they all believed their first children would be twins! Girls! (if they ever graduated from high school, that is); their desires to get into shape (which I’m not sure how a nearly naked 19 year old girl posing in sheer lingerie was going to do it, but I guess that’s what’s selling the fitness pins right now); and one person had a board dedicated to each color in a coloring box, i.e. pink, peach, teal, silver, platinum, purple, violet, etc., etc.! Personally? I don’t give a flip about those things and I’d have to scroll through dozens of pins, chanting "don’t care", "don’t care" each time I hit the Page Down button on my keyboard.

I realized how much like lemmings we are on Pinterest, not caring about source or information or details, when I’d have pins that I had personalized for aspecific board repinned verbatim. Confused? For example, the popular garden in a pallet pin. If you have Pinterest, you have seen this thing. For me, this could actually be something to try as my husband gets pallets from work all the time and leaves them at the end of the driveway. I made sure to find the original source of the project and pinned directly from the website including my description of how I can use the aforementioned pallets my husband leaves in the driveway. My pin was repinned several times and in nearly every case, the person repinned it to their board without even changing the description. I sincerely doubt ALL those people have husbands like me bringing home pallets and leaving them in the driveway…

And let’s not talk (oh, but you know I will!) about one of the most annoying bad-habits by pinners, and that’s the NON-description. The emoticons and symbols <3; the old space-bar trick, which somehow satisfies the site’s requirements for a description and let’s that bonehead post the pin; or there’s the "squeeeee!", "loooove!", "OMG. So gotta have!!". When I want to look for something on Pinterest, I’m not looking for "squeeee" or even "squee", so please, if you are guilty of this, stop it right now. I get it. You like it or else you wouldn’t have pnned it, right? What’s wrong with describing it as it is: retro black lace cocktail dress, and maybe you can include how much it is! Woah. I know. Now I’m just talking crazy. That’s what the search box looks up: what YOU write as a description. The description can be your friend. Trust me.

I won’t waste any more of your time (if you’ve even made it this far) covering the crime of repinning bogus pins: you cannot get Mountain Dew to glow in the dark (and still be able to drink it); you cannot make balloons float without helium; and that cute little animal in the palm of some stranger’s hand is a baby hamster, not an owl, so stop repinning that shit.

Yes, god, yes. I realize that is so petty, but for me it takes all the fun and potential and the thrill of exploring out of Pinterest. It has now become more of a joke for me to use, to find the pin that’s stupid, misleading, or basically a fail and repin it to my board, coincidentally titled Pinterest FAIL. Nowadays, if I pin something to any other board, it’s because I’ve actually put some effort into it by finding the originating source and calculating whether it’s something I could actually do or use or make (most have not). I stand before you, a Pinterest Snob.