Today is my 6th Annual 39th Birthday. You do the math. The date on the calendar coincides quite nicely with the year I was born: 1967. Again, you do the numbers. I don’t want to be that old, but while I kick and scream and wail about it, there’s little choice.

So today on this minor milestone of birth days, I will tell you more about myself.

  1. I am the 5th child of six.
  2. I am the 4th daughter of five.
  3. I am 16 years younger than the oldest, my only brother.
  4. I think the oldest children had something to do with the hippie-like name I was given.
  5. I was raised on a dairy farm.
  6. I was the child in the family who "communed" with nature the most. I brought home the snakes, tadpoles, ground squirrels, baby rabbits and baby mice (and sometimes hid them in my room).
  7. I am the middle child of the second family. Same parents, it’s just that there was a seven year gap between child number three and four.
  8. Three of my sisters would sleep in the same bed, a "full", during the winter to stay warm. We had no heat in our upstairs bedroom.
  9. I have never broken a bone.
  10. I have had a concussion with unresolved amnesia (which means I have never remembered those lost moments).
  11. My mom tells me that everyday before getting on the bus to take me to afternoon kindergarten I would have a hotdog for lunch.
  12. I never learned to cook.
  13. I taught myself how to sew.
  14. I was gangly skinny. Adults would comment all the time how I was likely to blow away with one good stiff breeze.
  15. I was blond for most of my adolescence.
  16. I have been a blond, brunette and redhead at some point in my life, and a couple times all three at once.
  17. I had to be 16 before I could get my ears pierced and at that time, it had to be done in a doctor’s office.
  18. My first job (with an actual paper paycheck) was washing dishes at the local diner. The diner is still there and running.
  19. I pierced my third hole by myself.
  20. I dated one boy from my town. At the end of the date, he wanted a little rub. I said no. There was no second date.
  21. I lost my virginity at eighteen, a freshman in college. It was terrible.
  22. When I was little, I wanted to be a veternarian. At 13 we discovered I was allergic to animals.
  23. I went to school for art and then wanted to be a curator at a museum or gallery.
  24. I loved reading comic books: Richie Rich, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Archie.
  25. I filled three ruler-lined notebooks with images I cut out of fashion magazines. I just recently threw them in the burn pile. I can confirm based on those images 80s fashion was ridiculously ugly, AND is currently en vogue.
  26. I was the first girl in what was probably 15 years to wear a miniskirt in school. I wore it with a oversized white button-down shirt, black boots with a bandana wrapped around one ankle. Remember, I grew up in a very rural community. Anything other than jeans was sacrilige.
  27. I am a jane-of-all-trades: dishwasher, waitress, horse-trainer, clothing retail, bartender, ballroom dance instructor, car salesman (sorry, but saleswoman sounds stupid), gas-station attendent, librarian, attorney assistant, medical biller, financial analyst, medical coder. A master of none.
  28. After five years of dating, I got married a month before I turned 30.
  29. I had my first baby at 34.
  30. I had my second baby at 41.
  31. Between my first baby and second baby, I had four confirmed miscarriages.
  32. I had three IVF surgeries. Two resulted in pregnancies. One of those was a live baby.
  33. I do not believe in God, but I am not an Athiest.
  34. I am liberal.
  35. I am Pro-Choice.
  36. I am a Cancer (tough-skinned, but mush inside).
  37. I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2010.
  38. I get so anxious about my children’s future that will someday not include me, I cry.
  39. I live in our dream home on 10 acres of prairie.
  40. I am a terrible housekeeper.
  41. I am good at gardening.
  42. I pretend to know more than I do.
  43. I love my on-line community. You have kept me sane during the insanity.
  44. I will never be as young as I am today. That makes me sad.
  45. I wrote this a day early, but I gave you a full 45.

14 thoughts on “Forty-Plus”

  1. well I thought I knew you after all this time. I had not remembered are so close in age. Thanks for sharing this, it was fascinating. Happy Birthday and thank you for being here.

  2. Happy belated Birthday (pretty sure I wished you HBD on FB, but hey).
    Love the 45 things 🙂 (wait, weren’t there only supposed to be 39???)

  3. I’m sorry that I missed this on your actually Birthday but happy belated 39th!
    How did I not know that you have that many siblings (said as someone with just one)?

  4. What? You aren’t old enough to have had to walk 20 miles, uphill, in the snow to school? I am shocked! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, dear friend!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    My parents had 2 sets of children (there’s a 6 year gap between 2 of my sisters) and my oldest sister definitely had something to do with my name…

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