I can’t get no satisfaction.

There were many fantastic parts about our trip to the Black Hills that I loved, but unfortunately our hotel was so disappointing, it pretty much obliterated any warm, fuzzy feelings I should be having about the trip.

When I booked the hotel room, our intent was to get adjoining rooms, which we’ve easily done in the past. This hotel had connecting rooms, but they were already booked, so I went ahead and took two non-adjoining rooms and kept checking for cancellations. When we arrived, I happily discovered that the suite with one living room area and two King beds and two baths was available for all but one of the nights of our stays. I scooped it up, especially when I was told it even be a little cheaper than two separate rooms.

I imagined that the suite would be beautifully appointed, clean, secure. It was anything but. I was happy to be able to leave it every morning for outings.

Since our return home I made a phone call to the hotel, and when that was nonproductive, I filed a formal complaint on-line. When that also was responded to and subsequently rejected, I requested the next up on the chain of command.

While I’m sure you would all be riveted by the details of not only the state of the room and the specifics of the phone call and emails (riveted, I say!), I will wait until this has been resolved, one way or another before exposing more.

What I want to know is have you ever had stayed someplace you were severely disappointed in; and then did you request an adjustment? Did you have any luck resolving the issue in your favor?

And whatever happened to Customer Satisfaction?

5 thoughts on “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

  1. I feel your pain, Swistle (& of course yours too, YYM) – but I sincerely think that customer service these days is DEAD…
    I pulled into a Love’s truckstop (not my usual place) & decided to get propane; moron broke the valve on my L-hand tank. I got tired of hearing him bleed off the precious expensive gas, so I finally told him to just leave it unattached & I’d have someone ELSE look at it… I’m going to write a letter of complaint to Love’s but I, too, don’t expect no satisfaction.

  2. When I was consulting, I was in a different hotel almost every week, and while I didn’t stay at that specific brand, I did stay at others by the same parent company. Because I stayed so frequently and was a gold or silver member of most of their rewards programs, I also generally got quick resolution if there WAS a problem.

    The only chain I consistently had problems with is Holiday Inn. One of the rooms I stayed in obviously had not been cleaned before I was given the room, and while they didn’t have another room to put me in, they gave me a night free (not really a great resolution when it’s already paid for, but whatever. They DID send someone up to clean the room immediately, and that was a downer after a long day – having to hang out in the lobby while they did that, but they DID try to make it right. I’ve had other problems with them, so I typically don’t stay there unless there’s no choice.

  3. My husband complains all the time. He lives in the parent chain of those hotels when he’s working, and usually ends up changing rooms 2 or 3 times per stay. The have him down now – they know when he checks in which type of room he prefers- so, I believe their customer service can be good. I hope you get a decent response.

    I complain to companies when I get bad products. They’re usually pretty responsive. I got excellent customer service from ALDI – I complained about a product. They sent me the money I paid, plus a voucher for new product. Then they called the company that makes the product and they sent me a check too. Pepsi, Puffs, Windex, and several other major companies have given good response. McDonald’s is usually helpful. Burger King and KFC are not.

  4. Neither of my examples are hotel/motel rooms, but I feel they fall into the same category. Or perhaps I just feel like bitching about them.

    1. We rented a moving truck from one of the two most well-known companies. It blew a tire several hours into our trip. The guy who towed us said that tire and the other tires on the truck were worn way down past legal limits. We called and called the moving truck company—no response, since it was Sunday afternoon. (No one drives their trucks on weekends or evenings, right?) We lost a full 24 hours of travel time. We complained. They would not add a day to our contract (we had to have it back within x days). They finally refunded 5% of our rental cost, which was the small cost (the large part is the per-mile cost). We continued to complain. No effect.

    2. We rented a storage unit to put our stuff in. We paid extra for a heated unit. When we moved our stuff out, we found that some liquid items were frozen solid. Also, mice had completely infested our cloth items. We complained. They told us they were sorry for the inconvenience but admitted no responsibility and no refunds were possible.

    Huh. I don’t feel better, I feel MADDER.

  5. P and I have complained before. We complained during our stay. The first time we complained someone came up, tried to fix the issue (the A/C in our room seemed off to us). When that didn’t work they didn’t even come up, they just asked us if we wanted to change rooms. We agreed, we got a kick ass room with A/C that worked.

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