Do You Smell That Smell?

Maybe it’s because I deal with the subject nearly every day, but I find it fascinating what others have for costs associated with healthcare, whether they are out of state of out of the country. I’m such a cynic though, that I know "free" healthcare isn’t actually free. We pay a hefty premium to have "free" vaccinations. Some countries pay incredibly high taxes for "free" health related services (see previous post and comments).

In the U.S., our healthcare’s system is amok. Personally, I blame Medicare. Not necessarily the program, but the system which controls it (the government through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), because if they determine a doctor’s visit is payable at $ .25 on the dollar, who do you think gets to make up for the other $ .75?? Providers jack up the price to make up for the growing Medicare population; CMS lowers what they pay again; providers raise their prices again. Something has got to give.

** SEGWAY **

This weekend I went clothes shopping with my son. I survived. Amen and The. End (oh, but there’s so much more!). I rewarded him for his patience by taking him to Toys R Us and as I strolled along the aisles, a woman with PERFECT hair (which my husband and I have dubbed Politician Wife Hair or more accurately, Helmet Hair), I felt envy. She didn’t have to wear her matchstick, cropped pants and little kitten heels. She didn’t have to press her immaculate blouse or airbrush on her make-up, but she did and then walked into what is certainly a Hell on Earth by not only looking good, but she smelled nice, too.

She breezed by me as she followed an staff employee, which made her the only adult there not being dragged from aisle to aisle by a cooing, sticky, whiny, commandeering kid, and her expensive perfume wafted past. I couldn’t entirely hate her because it was a nice scent that didn’t make my throat seize up and gag. Unlike my MIL’s Channel No. 5 that she must not be able to even smell because flies drop in her presence. Or maybe she thinks that since she hasn’t bathed in a couple of days, she’d better double-down on its use. Seriously, the woman uses so much, that if she joins us for dinner, I cannot taste my food. I taste No. 5, and for the record, it does not taste good.

Anyway, back to the Politician’s Wife. I took some care with my appearance, but I began to think that maybe the extra step of putting on a dab of perfume was the proverbial cherry. I normally top off with a healthy dollop of whip cream (my ass is thanking me). This morning I applied a light spritz, bearing in mind that my office is small and patients tend to be more sensitive to odors post-procedure, and headed out the door. I now feel conspicuous; like I’m trying too hard. On the other hand, I feel a touch more "worldly", too.

5 thoughts on “Do You Smell That Smell?”

  1. Ha. I walked into RaceTrac for my AM java fix, almost had to LEAVE bcz of two middle-aged women dressed to the nines (spike heels, almost-identical skintight black dresses) w/visible auras of scent surrounding ’em…
    I feel sorry for the rest of their office-mates.
    Easier to bitch about perfume pollution than try to figure out a solution to our supremely effed-up healthcare mess (Hospital just got around to billing me for my portion of almost 2 yrs’ worth of testing – ouch! there goes $1900).

  2. My mom is like your MIL – and whenever there’s the air of perfume wafting around, my daughter says “It smells like Grannie’s house!” The funny thing is, she used to come home from daycare smelling like perfume – I thought the people there were over-indulging. As it turns out, my little menace was getting them to spray her with perfume. I’m not a fan, due to allergies/nasal sensitivity/what-have-you, but I do wear perfume occasionally. But like Kate, I put it on under my clothes.

    Yeah, healthcare is broken – I’m still working up the energy to figure out what my daughter’s last vaccinations cost. Well, they didn’t cost me anything, but someone paid something for them. I hope that the PPACA helps reregulate the system so it’s more fair for everyone.

  3. I fell in love with the Narciso Rodriguez collection… but just about had a heart attack at the price tag. Then finally after hummming and hawing and lusting over it for a year I treated myself and had hubby purchase it as a Christmas gift. (for him as well, he really loves it on me!) It smells divine and even if I’m not “done up” when I go out, if I give myself a spritz before I leave, it makes me feel fabulous!

  4. Always just 1 spray! You become immune to it and think it’s not there but everyone else can smell it (I’m constantly telling my sister this, but she doesn’t listen and ends up like your MIL). Oh, and I figured out that it’s even more subtle if I do the one spray when I get out of the shower and put my clothes on over it. You smell nice when people get close, and never overwhelming.

  5. I never leave the house without perfume. It really ups my mood. My current favorite is coco mademoiselle. I get lots of compliments but it’s strong so just 1 spray đŸ™‚

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