“Hi, my name is M*****. I have brown eyes and one small eye and one big eye. I have long, brown hair. I have freckles and one big one. I have big ears. I am ten years old.”

“funny. fun. athletic. caring

Brother one sister: son of J***** and D*****

lover of minecraft, video games, TV

Who feels happy, angry, mad

Who needs a computer, Minecraft, little more


Who fears gangsters, Grampa dying, me dying

Who gives love, caring, money

Who would like to see Canada, Mexico, Jordan

Resident of *****, Nebraska”

10 thoughts on “Self-Portrait”

  1. Our school does that assignment too! They put them up for open house, usually, and it’s hard to tear me away from them: it’s so interesting to see the differences in how each kid finishes the sentences.

    1. Yes, except the notepad one throws me: he doesn’t like to write. I wondered if it wasn’t his list of chores that he likes to cross out, which leads him to the other interests on the drawing.

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