When the Clomp Clomp Sounds Like an Angel’s Chorus

I’m realizing that socks are the devil’s own benign design when it comes children’s delicate and sensitive feet. They’ll happily wear a pair on their hands as long as it’s to play super hero or some mock-boxing, but to wear for the purpose has been a recent source morning trauma. We’ve even seen a full-on mental breakdown, which may have included falling to the floor in a limp, frog-like pose and scooting head-first on the carpet to the bedroom to hide, minutes before heading out the door to a school’s winter concert while wearing a freshly pressed dress and having a mom spend more time on daughter’s hair that morning than she ever would in a week combined!

Socks with their tiny, toe-slicing seams are hard to work around. Not too long ago I figured out that if I turn the sock inside out, it FEELS better, but Hello Kitty looks every-so-slightly demonic that way. It took longer than I expected for Aitch to develop a "thing" about socks, but once it hit, it hit us all hard. In a moment of desperation (and maybe a little bit of spite because I don’t like it when my husband tells me what I can or cannot do), I bought a pair of UGGs for Aitch. I had some store credit plus they were on clearance. I have no idea if that’s because they are an obnoxious color (periwinkle!) or if they were down to one pair in that size.

Anyway, when I got them home and showed them to her, she oohed and aahed over their gaudiness. I did have some guilt so for almost two weeks they went unworn, until I had had enough with the socks! I explained to her that with THESE boots, she wouldn’t have to wear socks. She slipped her feet into their warm fuzziness and we headed to school. I knew she felt self-conscious about them as I escorted her to the preschool room, but once the teacher did her own ooh and aah, Aitch was sold. She even proudly announced that she didn’t have socks and that her shoes didn’t need them.

She’s worn them everyday since. There’s no sock battle in the morning. The color goes with nothing, but yet goes with everything she wears because she’s always dressed in mismatched and heavily saturated colors (her coat is salmon pink which has an apple green inner jacket, for heaven’s sake!). At this point, I could almost believe that if I had paid full price, they would have been worth every penny. I’ll hold off that final call until she can no longer fit her feet in them. But no more whining about the phantom sock knives, tacks and stickers and no more cries, "My toes feel WONKY!"

So now I’m one of Those Moms who puts her kids into the ugly UGG. For me, they are as beautiful as if she had strapped two adoring angels to her feet and bound them with the braided manes of unicorns.