My Resume Didn’t Even Have Time to Gather Dust

My boss came back from their corp meeting and announced the specialist they had been wooing to replace him when he retires has declined the offer. They are back to square one finding a new partner, and with that rumors swirled that this would be the last year for Boss. After our last client left yesterday afternoon I asked him bluntly if he was retiring. He confirmed that yes, he would be done at the end of the year, but that was information not to be shared, and he proceeded to tell me how he’s already heard through some patients that his colleagues are referring elsewhere because Boss “is slowing down.” He’s not happy that the word is on the street.

I’m not sure what he expected. How could he expect any of the staff to remain loyal until HE decides to stop practicing? The corp is certainly not the kind to offer accommodations to those in the office until THEY can get a contract signed, so who can blame any of them, myself included, if I found employment elsewhere, especially in today’s workforce? It took me two and half years to find something similar to what I had at the hospital. The likelihood of me finding anything within 10 months seems overly optimistic in comparison. Add to the fact that it will only take losing one of the assistants for us to suffer with scheduling. It would be impossible to find and train a new nurse for an office that won’t have a specialist January 1.

So I’m officially looking. I’ve always took pride in my loyalty to my employers, but expecting me to go down with the ship, as it were, is expecting just a tad too much after just two years. I’m certain I’m not the only one in the office that is or else the word wouldn’t be out about my boss. One certainly can’t answer the “why are you leaving your current position?” without announcing your employer is retiring with anything else that doesn’t sound suspect.