November 2 – Conception

I’m dialing this in via my smart phone, so I beg of you tolerance for any wonky editing or grammatical errors sure to come.

November has never been my favorite month. I guess when it comes to not so great things that could happen, I have a one in twelve shot of it happening in November. Take for example my first miscarriage at 16 weeks. And possible my second and fourth…honestly I lost track and I try not to archive-dive unless absolutely necessary.

But today also marks the day Aitch was conceived six years ago. Before anyone prudish gets too squicked out what would be normally considered TMI, I wasn’t even present during conception and was actually 100 miles away. No Shades of Gray action going on here.

If you don’t have time to read the post itself, don’t bother; however read the comments to see if you recognize yourself.

3 thoughts on “November 2 – Conception”

  1. Late commenting, but I’ve been meaning to ask your opinion D:
    I presume from tone of your FB posts that you will not be keeping the facts of Aitch’s conception a secret? The reason I ask is bcz I had a major falling-out w/a close friend, in part due to her stubborn insistence on keeping her donor twins’ genetic identity as a deep dark secret (hell, she didn’t even tell her own MOTHER; guess I should feel privileged that she told ME?!?)
    Anyway, I feel it’s basic medical-history info that her boys ought to know… I contemplate sending a letter when they’re “old enough”, whatever that means? 18? 21?? When they’re getting ready to start families of their own?!?

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