November 12 – infection?

Aitch has been scratching at her privates very indelicately claiming she itches down there. To my untrained eye I thought she may have something akin to a diaper rash, which wouldn’t have been a stretch considering she still has problems getting up to take bathroom breaks at night.

I started applying Butt Balm to her but after a couple of days the itching became extremely painful at which point we visited the urgent care.

The doctor there thought the rash was a yeast infection and advised me to apply lotramin. We are now two days into that treatment and yet she’s worse. This morning she has two zit-like cysts on her cheek (face) and another visual inspection of her bottom reveals she’s redder than ever and has broken out there, too. She told me the cream burns, so I didn’t use it. I also scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow.

Insult to injury, it looks like she was the recipient of a particularly nasty spider bite on her hip. I’ve been applying Benadryl cream to the bite, but it gives her little relief.

I thought about running her an oatmeal bath tonight, but not sure if she should stew in any water at this point or not. FWIW, she doesn’t take bubble baths nor has she been on any antibiotics. She also doesn’t care for yogurt.

Any suggestions on some easy home recipes to give some relief? She’s pretty miserable.

9 thoughts on “November 12 – infection?”

  1. also, would hold off on any steroid cream until after evaluation since it can worsen bacterial/fungal infections and change the appearance of the rash.

  2. yeast infections in prepubertal girls are very uncommon, but is a very common misconception. the “spider bite” is probably mrsa.

  3. Our pediatrician recommends warm baths with Epsom Salts when Marjorie has had a UTI or irritation in her nether regions. Plus we still have some prescription diaper rash cream, is it good after almost 6 years? It seems to soothe things after a couple days. I would be concerned about the cysty-zit-like things on her face though. Hope the doctor can figure it out.

  4. I also wonder if it’s eczema. I second a’s response- cool washcloth is a good, temporary fix. Just don’t reuse until it’s been washed on hot. Hope you get an answer and a treatment that works very soon.

  5. 1) A spider bite is never a spider bite. Unless you saw the spider, assume it’s a staph infection; unless it clears up rapidly on its own, assume it’s MRSA.

    2) I second Thalya — Eczema on the private parts/bottom is pretty common. It’s up there with elbows and knees and cheeks and hands. (My once-eczema-everywhere kid is now underpants-area only. It looks kind of like yeast rash but just kind of stays there, being red and elevated.) Tx for that would be a cortisone cream. Try an OTC one tonight, see what happens. Eucerin as a moisturizer.

    3) Benadryl cream won’t do anything for a spider bite if that’s what it is, and it sure won’t do anything for MRSA. Try a hot washcloth, hot as she can stand, applied to the spot. Like I said, watch it CLOSELY. Draw a little pen outline around the area of redness. If it gets bigger, go get seen.

  6. Pob had this, turned out to be excema which had become infected, she needed steroid cream plus a special moisturiser, plus a moratorium on any soap at all in that area, we were told only to shampoo her hair when she was standing up in the bath etc. It was a tough ken and we were also given a fungal cream first. I prob would not do oatmeal but not sure it will hurt her. How about a general fever/pain med, whatever US equivalent of calpol is?

  7. My favorite solution to hives/itchy spots is simply a cool, damp wash cloth. Temporary relief, but generally no further irritation. Poor Aitch – I hope the pediatrician can figure it out, but maybe start looking up dermatologists?

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