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no. 465 – That Was One Hell of a Hump

Yesterday was a B-A-D day. It sucked, quite frankly. I had to open up my own site and look at my son’s picture multiple times to keep me from running from the building into the rain and never looking back. I blame the hormonal let-down combined with the ‘roids.

Of course it didn’t help that at one of my meetings I noticed the woman across the table from me sitting peculiarly, with her arms akimbo. Jesusonaritz! She’s pregnant! Nothing extraordinary about that, except she just had a baby born in August. Clearly she was 5-6 months along already.

I had a friend with a very colorful personality when I was living in Kansas who had a quaint saying for women like that: She didn’t sleep with her feet in no bucket.

Couple that with the attendance of my sweet, caring ER doctor, Dr. Marathon, who pulled me aside at the end of the meeting to ask how my ultrasound had went…

Yes, today I would have been scheduled for my 6 week ultrasound. Good thing I had that 3rd beta because the requisite freakingthefuckout would have already begun with all the bleeding I’d been doing for the past 36 hours. Because he was sincerely moved by my bad news whispered discreetly back to him, I had to quickly excuse myself to go sob in the bathroom.

When I got back to my office I then had to shut the door because I was a mess, complete with the blubbering, sniffling and snot draining.

As I was getting ready for bed, it started all over again. Mr. DD, bless his heart, even went ahead and mounted the under-cabinet radio I got for him for Father’s Day (he found it "hidden" in the garage). Major truce move since this morning he announced he didn’t like it because it had to be bolted to the cabinets. Well, duh.

He then came in to the bedroom and sat down next to me. The room was already dark, so I watched his silhouette as he said to me:

You cannot let it get to you, this business of being angry at every pregnant woman you see. If you do, it will eat you alive. If all you do is think about them, then you are not thinking of X, and when we get all done with this, he will have grown up without you.

Not only was that the sweetest blow I’ve had to the stomach lately, but it also echoed something someone else just recently wrote me in an email.

The control I so desperately want on my life is swirling the drain. While I wait for a donor, I think I’ll find a tampon or a drain plug and try to stem that flow. This bullshit has got to stop!

By the way, if you notice the time of this post? After two full days without hives, I woke up at 3:00ish to pee and was attacked by another round, this time on my elbows, buttocks and the back of my thighs. It looks like I’ll be getting some refills before heading to the beach NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!!

no. 460 – Moving On in a Manic-Kind-of-Way

I’m feeling better, relatively speaking. My ass is a little sore from kicking myself for doing something no infertile woman who has a history of miscarriages should do, and that was calculating the due date. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. February 8, 2008, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of miscarriages, to clarify, this was my fourth. Sorry for the confusion. I have the category for fifth pregnancy as I am giving credit to that time when I was fertile, had a normal pregnancy and gave birth to my son, X. Can you believe that when I started blogging he was three? He’s now five. How time flies when you’re having spontaneous abortions. A rather gruesome thought, no?

When I talked to Dr. Blinksalot on Tuesday, she said that she and all of the staff were quite upset by this sad turn of events. I’ve become the office underdog. I wish I could say that it would boost my rank from the bottom to closer to the top of the donor egg list.

I have to admit that I really thought karma was on our side this time, as I know you did, too. Mr. DD’s count was back up. I had several good follicles. What you probably didn’t know is that we had used up all of our injectables, even the PIO. Surely that should have been a sign that we would need no more? I guess that was karma’s way of not only administering a judo chop to the side of my head but giving me an atomic wedgie. I won’t need much for a donor egg cycle, either.

Speaking of such, I wondered how easy it would be to find information on becoming an egg donor so of course I googled “become an egg donor” and some of the stuff I found gave me the huzz, quite frankly. This site in particular because of their “glamour shots” of donors in combination with the ages. 20, 21, 22? As nice as I’m sure their eggs are, I kind of like the policy my clinic follows and that is they want their donors to have already had “normal” children. These 20-somethings are still children, in my opinion. I’m old enough to be their mother. Hmmm, now there’s a cheery thought.

Many of you offered a hand in helping me if there was anything I needed. I thought of something some of you might actually be able to do. If you know someone who may qualify as an egg donor with our clinic (late 20’s, early 30’s, have completed their family, and an understanding that becoming an egg donor will not pay the kids’ college tuition, and live in either Nebraska or Iowa) maybe you can suggest they check out this site for more details. My clinic is the first one (hint, hint).

Yes, I am pandering for eggs. I will what is in my powers to do.

Segway of sorts. Have you all seen this??! My husband thought we should get one and use it. I said we’ve already paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to know that my FSH is crap, and his motility is crap, so why would I pay another $100 to confirm that? Especially since it’s all irrelevant as we move on to Plan K, Subsection 42, Paragraph 3 that theoretically eliminates the crap? I did however, share the website with someone I know trying to get pregnant…

Before I go, I want to thank Mel and her husband for sending us flowers when you heard of our recent loss. I had them delivered to me at work. The lilies fill the hallway with their heavy, summer scent.

no. 457 – Again

Today I had my blood drawn to check my progesterone since I was told to discontinue the PIO temporarily. That’s what I was told last Thursday. When I asked about another beta, they said it wouldn’t be necessary.

I second-guessed that decision up until 30 minutes before my draw when I called the clinic to ask them to add the beta to the orders.

I had almost convinced myself that with the numbers looking good from last week, and an ultrasound coming up next week, I could blissfully go about my days admiring how full my breasts seem to have gotten compared to when I was pregnant with Wolf and that all the mild cramping were signs of something growing.

Apparently I have Pseudocyesis.

The clinic agreed to add the beta to the order.

My beta on Thursday was 100.

Today it was 125.

Pregnancy No. 5 will be ending about the time I leave for my vacation, if not while on vacation.

Pregnancy no. 5 will be ending around Wolf’s due date.

Happy 40th Birthday to me.

Fuck you, God.

no. 451 – Remember

It’s Memorial Weekend here in the US. It’s the weekend set aside to commemorate the US armed forces killed in war. Many will visit the family cemeteries and place flowers on grave sites. My mother will make several trips this weekend with wreaths of plastic flowers in unnatural colors to different plots and remember. Many others will watch the parade, cook out and here in the Midwest, the water park and swimming pools open for the sumer.

I will also go visit the cemetery that is home to the plot that holds the remains of the unborn babies that did not get their own headstone. Vivienne is there. Wolf is not. But I will bring two candles with me and try not to cry too much.

It is beautiful outside. Unusual for Memorial weekend which is usually marred by seasonal storms.

This weekend will also be the 10, 11 & 12 day post IUI. This cycle has already been decided, I just won’t know for sure what the results are for a couple more days. I’ve written a half-dozen posts in my head about how I will feel and do if it’s negative. It’s much easier to imagine it will be negative than positive. It goes with the odds, I guess.

I just know that right now I’m very tired, not physically, but mentally and spiritually. I keep thinking that some day I’ll wake up and the nightmare will be over.

no. 449 – Clarification

I’m using the cheapo tests right now because once they go negative, I will know that if I see that second line appear again next week that I’ll be one freaked out chica. Plus you will be stuck with me freaking out. But for now, I’m just checking their sensitivity, which quite frankly isn’t shit. I don’t care if it says "Sensitive to 25iu/ml".

For the record, there was no second line this morning. By the time I dig it out of the trash tonight (don’t judge me, you’d do the same), there will probably be a what I like to refer to as the HPT Tracer Line, desperation- and crazed-induced. Who needs ‘shrooms when one is infertile and half-way in a two-week wait?

I couldn’t do the PIO shot last night. No where to put the needle that wasn’t ablaze. I have a few left-over vaginal suppositories and progesterone cream. My feet were nice and soft this morning. We won’t discuss what the other area was like that received treatment.

Now that we hopefully got that cleared up I just wanted to add that my break would follow a negative outcome on this cycle and mostly continue until we got news of a donor egg match. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to just walk away for that long, but after reading this post, it might be for the best (not an indication of Ms. Prufrocks’ writing ability – which I must say rocks it, but the topic in general).

So until then I think I’ll get me one of these:

Cozyup Cozyfetal

The link to find your own is here (anyone able to interpret this? Nina? Kath? Ankaisa?), courtesy of some crazy, magical googling powers by Jenny. She finds some seriously freaky shit out there on the web.

no. 448 – Fair Warning

The tests have been positive.

Whoa! Whoa!

Before you get yourselves and your panties in a twist and either conveniently forget it’s been less than a week since the IUI and start making congratulatory remarks; or worse yet, unsubscribe from reading here, keep in mind that I’m just checking to see how well those dollar tests work on measuring the hCG in my system from the trigger.

The trigger shot that induces ovulation will stay in the system for approximately 10 days, which I very rudely remembered happening with Wolf.

The lines are faint, but there for now.

I’ve been thinking about what will happen if this cycle goes tits up. Of course the first thing we will do is get our name on the donor egg list, but between now and then? I don’t know. I’m considering taking a sabbatical from blogging, which would include reading and writing. I won’t feel like waxing philosophically about toilet paper habits of co-workers or sharing X blurbs or complaining about how my husband has done jack-shit about getting some things organized for my birthday (which will mean certain death and any and all the suggestions my family had about his carcass will be revisited).

Just thought you should know so you can find some other two-bit blog to occupy your time with over the summer.

Tonight is my third PIO injection. I really, really hate them. No. You don’t understand. I fucking loathe PIO injections with every ounce of my red, swollen and itchy-assed body.

no. 446 – Prostrate Specific Antigen & other PSAs.

A tick was found on the back of my son’s ear last night. I made him get out of bed so Mr. DD could pull it off and destroy it. It gave me quite the huzz and I swear I could hear the rrrripppp as he pulled it out. The site bled a little, too. When I told X that ticks eat blood, he asked, "Until I’m dead?"

Not surprisingly, he was in our bed early morn from nightmares.


I’m not so sure about reader. google. It seems really slow on the update with some posts (like one to two full days compared to bloglines). I like how it flows from one post to another, but for me, since I have my bloglines sorted by category (which you can do with GR, too), it’s not uncommon to get kamikaze-ed by a pregnancy post directly after an announcement of an impending miscarriage post.


I know of a lovely lady who has a cache of stims and related assortment of supplies she would like to get rid of at a significant discount (65% give or take). It includes the FSH and the pen, trigger and PIO with the earliest expiration Aug 08. Retail at the pharmacy would probably set you back a couple grand or more so if you think you’ll be cycling before next summer and want put the savings towards an outrageously priced stroller, which will most assuredly not only get puked – as well as pooped in and on – send me an email for details at ddknocked at yahoo dot com (email link is on the right, top sidebar).

I need someone to let me know before the end of my 2WW (June 3) so I’m not tempted to get them for myself.


Lastly, but certainly not leastly:

Schmutzie from Milkmoney or Not received her diagnosis that started with an abnormal pap: cervical cancer.

I am completely blown away. Schmutzie is a writer, a photographer, and a poet; therefore when the rare post that pops up about vaginas, I’m taken aback and reminded that she is young woman and wife.

She has created a Cockroll as a symbol of the strength needed to take this journey. If you’re not quite what to say in her comments section, send her your cock.

no. 444 – IUI 101: Chapters 12 – 13

Right now I feel like I am constipated. Except that it’s next to my belly button instead of below. My left ovary is protesting like a whiny bitch. Just ovulate already! Christ.

Every time I have gone to the clinic for an IUI I think about asking them to do a quick ultrasound to make sure none of the follicles have decided to pull a lemming on me. I can never screw enough courage together to ask, which effectively would make them think that I don’t think they know what the hell they are doing. When one has limited RE availability, one tends to play nicey-nice. I think it’s obvious with the discomfort I am having post-procedure that everything is going according to plan.

I guess that’s why we pay them the big bucks.

Take a lookie-see at the categories. Notice anything different with this cycle, ART #9?

You don’t? Well, why the hell do I even bother with them if you aren’t paying attention? Didn’t I tell you there would be a test at the end of this little diorama?

No donor.

Mr. DD’s sample came back exceptional. Exceptional, people! The best he’s had in two years. What has he done different? Nothing really. He’s lost 9 lbs. He doesn’t drink quite as much cola. He has recently discovered energy drinks (which I think are pure crap). But really there’s nothing that has significantly changed.

Everything is going perfect.

Too perfect.

This is where I try to figure what I ever did to karma because sure as a toad will pee on you when you pick it up (what? they do!), she’s going to get me but good. Oh, right. There were 8 follicles*. I’m going to get knocked up with octuplets. I’m going to have to grow six more nipples so I can nurse them like a litter of kittens. Sucks for me to be allergic to cats, doesn’t it?

On the bright side, that would mean that an HPT will be positive in like, what, 5 days? Maybe that’s what I’m feeling. It’s not ovulation pangs, but implantation cramps just 6 hours later!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. I’m trying to throw karma off the scent. Roll with me here, mmkay?


* OK. There were only 7 follicles, but the visual doesn’t work as well if I said I needed to grow 5 more nipples. Plus, one of the embryos could "twin" out on me.

no. 442 – IUI 101: Chapters 5 – 11

Today is CD11. In the past two dIUI cycles, I would have not only triggered by now, but had the procedure done by this day. I’m not sure why, but my E2 levels always jumped to a surge early on stims.

Yesterday’s appointment introduced a new element and I am pleasantly surprised for a couple of reasons.

I told Mr. DD that I was quite sure that we would trigger (induce ovulation with hCG) and have the IUI tomorrow morning. This was problematic in that our son is graduating from preschool. Now I see you rolling your eyes, "graduating from preschool?! – whatever!" and I actually feel the same. However, X’s teacher has really built up the program to her class so X is very excited about us being there so he can show us what they have been working on. It’s Tuesday morning and there’s no way we would be back from The Metro in time for his program.

Mr. DD and I figured we had only two options: go ahead with the IUI with only the donor option (remember? we were going to wash Mr. DD’s sperm to see how it looked? If I didn’t mention that before, well…oops.) so Mr. DD could be at the program, but I wouldn’t; or push back the IUI one day. I told Mr. DD that I didn’t think Dr. Blinksalot would be too hip on delaying the IUI so be prepared for disappointing news.

Not only was Dr. Blinksalot receptive to delaying the IUI, she would prefer it. I have a 19mm, 18mm, 15mm, 13mm and a 12mm follicle on the left ovary and the right has a couple 13mm. She would like to see the 13 and 15 catch up a little with their overachieving  cohorts. Last night we added ganirelix to the drug cocktail. Ganirelix (antagon) prohibits ovulation and is mostly used in the short IVF protocol.  That should buy us another 24 hours of follicular growth w/o losing the two big ones.

Now we will be able to wash Mr. DD and see X graduate from preschool! Wow. Are the hairs standing up on the back of your neck like they are mine?

The joke would certainly be on me if this actually worked and I wasn’t able to go on our beach vacation next month, now wouldn’t it.

Let’s not get too excited. I’m not. In fact, last night I told Mr. DD that if (when) this IUI doesn’t work, I’m ready to move onto the donor egg option. There is just 150iU of FSH left in the house. I don’t want to bring in more to tempt me to try "JUST ONE MORE TIME." How many times do I have to say that before I actually mean it?

no. 437 – You (Re)Learn Something New Every Day

On my way to the local convenient clinic this morning to discuss the feeling as if someone was preparing creme brulee on my thigh, I called my RE’s office to let them know that I’m sorry, I loved them even though they failed to get me pregnant and to tell Dr. Blinksalot that even though I was a failure in her stats that I didn’t blame her and inwardly hoped for a quick, relatively painless, death.

I am such a dumbass.

If only I knew Feebee in real life. If only she and I had an IM relationship. If only I could keep my freakin head screwed on straight.

Repronex is indeed more suited to IM (intramuscular – aka "ass cheek" injections with long needles) rather than subQ (subcutaneous – kitten-whisker-thin needles 1/2 inch long just beneath the skin’s surface). The clinic’s nurse said that repronex can be delivered subQ, but since most patients experience a reaction (reaction is an understatement!), they recommend IM.

I turned at the corner of the convenient clinic and went and got my mocha instead. I’m feeling a bit red-faced (to match my red thighs), and knowing that there’s not much that can be done at this point besides what I’ve already been doing which is slathering on more benadryl, biofreeze and even spraying my thighs with solarcaine this morning, I can’t imagine what additional advice I would get. Plus I don’t need this experience in my permanent medical file twice.

At least the dimpling associated with the cellulite has been effectively reduced. So what if it means looking like someone packed Australia underneath my skin and then started a brush fire?

no. 436 – My Thighs are Burning, and I’m Not Even Wearing Corduroy

I thought my reaction last nigh to 75iu of repronex was just a fluke.

It looks like my reaction to 375iu in the other thigh tonight is going to warrant a visit to the clinic if things don’t improve overnight. The site immediately turned red, raised, heated and hard. Not good. Not good at all. I even double-checked that I prepared everything correctly by googling the instructions.

The thigh I injected last night looks as if someone slapped me hard, including palm and finger marks.

I have an ice pack on the new site for relief. When I lift it off to see if there have been any changes, it’s like someone has turned a blow torch on over my skin.

I’m a little worried but am convinced the worst case scenario is that the cycle will get canceled. That’s got to be better than dying of anaphylactic shock, no?

I took this picture just a minute ago. It’s kind of hard to see because of the flash, but if you move your screen a bit, you should be able to see the discolorations. I injected into the right thigh tonight.


no. 435 – IUI 101: Chapters 1-4

Yes, I do injections daily. I remember the first medicated cycle we did (July 2005) and I had to have Mr. DD do the FSH injections, which was with the follistim pen. Each time I would try to do them myself, I would lock myself into the bedroom to try to psych myself into it. Sweat would break out on my upper lip; my hands would shake and I would stare so hard at the one freckle on my thigh (my point of reference) that I would literally get tunnel vision. If there was a loud noise from the other side of the door I would have to set down the pen, re-swab my thigh, and start over.

Eventually, I would just break into tears and call Mr. DD back in to do it. I felt like such an utter failure at those moments that once the medication was delivered and my pants were pulled back up, Mr. DD would swing my legs around onto the bed and I would sob myself to sleep. The pain associated with that reality choked me. It also dulled the physical pain, what little there was.

I still have hesitation when doing my injections, two years and 7 injection cycles later. I repeat in my head, "It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt." several times, and the needle hovers for several seconds before I can finally push it down. I still prefer to have no distractions, but can now do the injections sitting in the kitchen instead of cloistered away in my bedroom. But the minutes do not tick by like they used to. I don’t have to call Mr. DD to my side and help me. Once I’m done, I can sit up with Mr. DD and watch a little late night TV without talking about it.

Last night I had to inject twice. I used up the last of the gonal f that was on the verge of expiring and still had another 75IU to inject so I had to mix up one of the repronex vials (gonal f, follistim, and repronex are all FSH). I had a rather nasty dermal reaction at the repronex site which required benadryl cream for relief.

The insomnia is back as well. I tossed and turned last night, waking up from several very bizarre and vivid dreams including one particularly nasty encounter with an ex-supervisor. *shudder!*

Other than that, all is par for the course.

Question: I’ve always started the baby aspirin after the procedure. Should I start now?

Yes, these are rather boring installments, but I can’t be brilliant and witty ALL the time. Sheesh.

no. 434 – IUI 101: Foreword

I was thinking to myself how we’re off on a another ho-hum cycle. More excitement always seems to be generated around IVF, and granted, why shouldn’t there be? There’s anesthesia involved. Valium (beloved valium – how I miss thee…) and the requisite, if not completely unnecessary but always eagerly anticipated, 48 hours bedrest following a transfer. Let us not forget the monetary investment…yikes.

An IUI seems like rather small potatoes in the scheme of things to those of us already in the trenches.

Here’s the thing, though: I play both sides of the blogging fence. I would guess that a majority of you who read are fairly familiar with the process and terms like FSH, IUI, 14dpo, trigger, PIO, and betas are part of your everyday blogging vocabulary. However, there are some of you who have no idea what the frack I’m talking about. I believe once I went through the two failed IVFs, I started taking the whole process for granted.

I think that since this will be either the last or second to last IUI, I don’t want to just glaze over the general process while I detail my overall stress-levels about what the results will be in a month, but actually give a more detailed account of what actually happens in an IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) cycle. Most of you may find the information rudimentary, but I want to use this time for educational purposes as well.

Shall we begin?

Saturday was CD2 (Cycle Day 2 – the 2nd day of my period). I had to go to my clinic for an ultrasound to make sure my ovaries did not have any cysts which can be exacerbated by the medications. My scan revealed that my ovaries were clear and I was given the go-ahead to begin my injections of FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormones) at 375IU (International Units) per day.

A few of you asked me about estrogen (E2) supplements as I start this new cycle. I still have a script from my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), and I have asked at different visits if I should take them but my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), Dr. Blinksalot, doesn’t think it’s necessary. My uterine lining has always been more than adequate. However, Aurelia found a study that has shown that E2 can help plump up the eggs as well (Aurelia – if you have a link to that study, I’ll look it over). I will probably give my clinic a call in the next couple of days to see if it’s OK to take some over the next several days.

Last night I started the injections (after I accidentally wasted 300IU of gonal f – cheap-m*therf*ckin-plungers!). I return to my clinic on Thursday for another scan to count follicles and a blood draw, which is used to accurately measure hormone levels to determine follicular maturity. Until then, I will inject 375IU into my thighs at approximately the same time of the day, every day.

Good times, eh?

There will be a quiz early June. Unfortunately, if I get a BFN (big-fucking-fat-negative), you will all fail regardless of how you answer.

no. 433 – It’s OK

Sure it’s a bummer that I’m not going to be one of those very fortunate women who miraculously get pregnant on their own after months (years) of treatment. It really makes me wonder what we did right 6 years ago, or what has gone wrong since then. It’s actually scary in some ways that there will probably never be an answer.

However, I am not feeling particularly blue about my present status, referring to it being the beginning of a new cycle. This means that we are done treading water, at least for now, and have found a bit of flotsam to hold onto. Before I go to bed tomorrow night, I will back to the needles.

I am going to suggest to our RE something different. I would like Mr. DD to provide a sample for washing the day of the IUI with the mutual understanding that if things do not look good, we will go with the reserved donor semen. This will also give us an idea if anything has changed over the year with Mr. DD and to have a better idea of how we would proceed with the donor egg, if (and probably when) it comes to that.

Our RE never discussed using donor sperm on the DE cycle, which I never really thought about until Leggy mentioned it in one of her comments. It will be something to consider more seriously as time passes. Personally, I would prefer that any embryos created during a DE be Mr. DD’s. Seems contradictory to all these cycles in the past and maybe I’ll try to explain another time, but I’m sure many of you already can appreciate my feelings about it.

Also, depending on how my ovaries behave during this next cycle we will be thinking whether there will be one or two more dIUIs. It would seem rather pointless to do two more if at the highest level of FSH recommended, I get a half dozen follicles. That’s not anything to sneeze at, but I’d rather get our names on the DE waiting list sooner rather than later.

Clearly, I’m not all too optimistic about the upcoming cycle. It’s not that I believe it will fail. I just don’t believe it will work. It takes to much energy to be enthusiastic about it. Instead I will remain realistic.


One a completely unrelated note:

Things are too quiet over at In-Laws Suck, in both the comment sections and new stories. It’s hard to believe that all of your in-laws are perfect angels. All stories submitted to will be kept completely confidential.

no. 426 – (knock-knock) “Ousekeeeping!”

Instead of vacuuming or folding laundry, I am pissing away my time with some blog housekeeping.

First off, I am relieved to announce that the twats that stole the safe and left it on our property were apprehended in Oklahoma. The deputy showed up this past weekend to let us know that after the couple, male/female and meth-heads, stole the credit cards and cash from the safe, they headed off to WalMart to buy some necessities (cold medicine? methane? battery acid? who the fuck knows) and in a moment of shiny brilliance used the stolen cards. Smile for the camera, you dumbshits.

I’ve changed my categories, once again. Up next is A.R.T. cycle # 9. Let the good times roll!

Beagle had a dickens of a time posting a comment to my last post, but she gave me this little gem for the next time someone thinks they are putting me in my place when I announce, "I only have one kid."

"We got it right the first time."

It’s got to happen sooner or later, right? I have that class Mon-Thurs.

Anyone else having problems with comments? Email me.

Sooooo-ooo-o, did you notice that pretty new badge I have (I ask sheepishly, scuffing my toe in the dirt)? Some Goody-Two-Shoe Slut nominated me for Best Parenting Blog.

Now before you get all envious or guffaw at the sheer improbability of it all, she nominated only a couple hundred other bloggers for the same award. It’s all a ploy, of course. She nominates all these men and women, who in turn reciprocate and vote for her, thereby increasing her rank on the poll. She’s a pretty smart cookie (and gut-splitting funny). However, I don’t want to be the one to inform her that the prize is not going to be a Park Ranger’s Uniform, which is an unfounded rumor and probably started by her husband.

I don’t expect you to go over and vote for me, but I guess if you happen to be there and you happen to have an account and you happen to be voting for some of your other favorites who actually deserve the honor, you might as well…(Type in "TKO" without the periods in the search box to find me. That way you don’t have to go through 980 pages of nominations.)

Thinkingbloggerpf8 Speaking of humbling experiences (really? when?), both Heather and Pamela Jeanne nominated me for the Thinking Blogger’s Award. While the award is the product of a meme, instead of "tagging" five more blogs, I just want to say that all the blogs I read make me think or else I wouldn’t read them. Many of you know I’m there by my comments. I’m not trying to say that having me comment is of more importance than a TBA, but, well . . . you know? Remember, it is a meme. Maybe I can create a badge for the IBWOIVFIC (eye-bu-whu-eye-vee-fic), which would represent those Infertile Bitches With Out IVF Insurance Coverage? I shall give it some pondering. Thank you Heather and Pamela Jeanne. I may sound flip, but really I am quite flattered.

Damn. There was something else I wanted to mention, but it’s completely slipped my mind.

Oh! Just remembered. My scab fell off. Ok, it didn’t fall off. I picked it off on Saturday. The edges kept snagging on my pants.