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Stop it. I’m hormonal and ya’all are going to make me cry.

Three things:

First, I did not die. I’m still around. I will continue to stalk follow your blogs. So stop acting so damned goofy.

Secondly, yes, Facebook. Learn it. Love it. I do. Here’s how to find me, but you’ll need to have an account to even see it. You can also throw my email into the search and find me that way, too. If you don’t know how to navigate facebook, you should. It’ll look good on your resume (but for the love of all that’s holy, do NOT friend your boss or stalker co-worker! If you’re not sure, just … don’t!). I actually can – and will – do “posts” there. There’s even a feed if you are savvy.

I also have a Flickr account. You won’t be able to see pictures of many pictures of ZGirl or XBoy unless you have an account there. Again, let me know if you want to become a contact and you’ll be in like Flynn (or whatever the fuck you’ll be in like). And guess what? You can subscribe to a feed there, too!

Lastly…Yeah. I could come back, but unless my uterus decides to pull a surprise pregnancy (oh, wouldn’t you all just LOOOOVE that) or I find out I’m dieing of some strange and funky malady OR more likely, I get so miffed about something that I just CAN’T bite my tongue another minute longer and I get no satisfaction from FB…well then, it could happen. On the other hand, I did tell my husband I quit and he’s happy about that.

OK. NOW, I’m done. All together now:

Good night, good night until we meet again
Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen ’til then
And though it’s always sweet sorrow to part
You know you’ll always remain in my heart

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you
Here’s a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true
And now ’til we meet again
Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen
Good Night!

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you
Here’s a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true
And now ’til we meet again
Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen
Good Night!


If you use a feed reader (Bloglines, Google.Reader, etc.), here’s a tip I use to remember passwords to protected sites.

More than likely, you will have an option to rename a subscription. Say for example, you could change “Punch Drunk” to “Self-Absorbed Hack”. . . If you wanted to, that is.

I amend the names of subscriptions by adding the password: “Punch Drunk” becomes “Punch Drunk: pw lilliputian”.

Now I can’t share my list of reads in Reader, even though I can share individual posts, so I could inadvertently and carelessly share a password. However, I would never “share” a pwp blog or post. That would be stupid. Don’t be stupid.

Bloglines does allow you to share your list, so you’ll want to be careful there.


The other night as I had given the house the equivalent of a whore-bath once over, I went in to check on the now sleeping kids. I shut off XBoy’s desk lamp and then headed to ZGirl’s room. I heard her as she restlessly rolled from side to side, but assumed she was still asleep.

When I peeked into her crib, I saw her big eyes staring up at me.


I froze like a statue. Stupidly, I thought if I didn’t move she couldn’t see me in the dark. But babies are like bears. Their keen sense of smell can make out maternal exhaustion, which triggers their innate Play mechanism, even at 11:00 at night.

She lifted her head to get a better look at me and smiled this ridiculously cute smile at me.

Me? I’m standing there, halted in mid-step, still not moving.

“Really, ZGirl, it’s just a statue. Go back to sleep. You’re dreaming that mommy is standing by your crib.”

Mentally projecting those thoughts didn’t help. I’m not sure why.

I couldn’t stand there all night and had to make the decision to do or die. So finally I reached in and stroked her face and whispered good night and quietly left the room

I lucked out. She didn’t make a peep and went back to sleep.

Next time, I’ll just go to my  room and check the video monitor.

Or send Mr. DD into the bear’s den.


I sent out a Desperate for Friends request on facebook. If you got a request from a women wearing strange glasses too big for her face, and her first name starts with D and her last name starts with D, that’s me.

Also, if you have a facebook account, you can find me using my email address: ddattko (at) gmail (dot) com.


Since it seems not only self-indulgent, but a bit asshole-y to privately ask you this (and even though you probably expect nothing less from me), for those of you who still have T.K.O…more or less with the tko.typepad.comlink associated with it, would you mind updating your link, purty-please?

Boy. That didn’t sound at ALL self-indulgent or asshole-y, did it. *eye roll*


You may have noticed I use Twitter. Well, maybe you would’t notice if you only read through bloglines or or some other form of peeping-thomasina website. I have decided to lock my tweets down. This means that if you already follow, you will continue to see updates. If not a follower, you’ll have to grovel for permission, and really? I don’t like groveling (but am definitely not above it…Millie? Website?)

You can find me here if you want to follow.


I’m actually working on a legitimate post, which explains the recent flurry of crap, or as I like to call it “fluff”.

However before I put it out there, I’d like to thank all of you who tried to help locate my lost post about XBoy’s Dental Drama. I’m still feeling a bit gutted about that.

I don’t know what to say about Bloglines finally updating. I’m still promoting exporting your Blogline feeds to Reader.Google, which is really easy.

Some of you have noted the generic avatar assigned to your comments. My little monsters…While I personally think they are kinda cute, there is a way of personalizing your avatar without having a WordPress account. If you go here, to Gravatar, you can create a free account and assign an avatar to your email. Once you do that, whatever wordpress blog you comment on will have your own personalized avatar and not the mystery man, or quilt block or amoeba-like monster attached.

I’ve decided to have a postpartum baby shower, cooties be damned. Even I am left uninspired to purchase much for Murdock not knowing his or her sex. Apparently over 70% of expecting parents find out the sex of their child prior to birth, so guess who the manufacturers are appealing to? Not the less than 30% of us looking for “gender neutral” items. And while a majority of gestators find out, I find it ironic that whenever we admit we don’t know if Murdock is a boy or a girl, we are enthusiastically commended for making the “smart” choice in waiting. You and I both know that same person is saying to those who know, “Oh, that’s the way to go! It makes shopping so much easier!”

Of course these are the same people who say to me, “Someone wasn’t planning for the Summer heat, now were we?” I seriously attract Stupid. It’s got to be a reflection on me somehow.

Anyway, as I was saying about the shower, I had been working on a wish list/registry kind of thing which is now published as one of my pages. It’s also password-protected, but it’s the same password. I honest-to-god expect nothing. I actually started it to help me figure out what I needed and to compare prices, but since I’ve been asked…well, there it is. Trust me, nothing too exciting.

Cripes. Look what rambling can do to what was supposed to be a short post. Blech. Par for course since the post I’m working on is actually long. Enjoy brevity as I know it!


Several years ago I had a crazy roommate who stole my photo albums and high-school year books out of the room I was renting in her house. In light of her mental instability, I had my things packed and moved out within 24 hours…with police escort.

Losing those items that were irreplaceable makes my stomach turn even now, almost 20 years later.

Today I wanted to show you a picture of XBoy’s new teeth, already making quite an impression only three weeks after he lost the four baby teeth. To show the change, I was going to link to that original post about his accident…

The post? It’s gone. The title is there. Your comments, bless your sweet souls, are still there. But my words from that day are gone. I even tried finding them via cache. And now, as stupid as it sounds I want to cry. It’s not just that post, either. I’ve just realized that even though WordPress told me the posts were downloaded, only the titles and the comments came across on many.

On too many.

And I’m heartsick and I’m surprised with how upset I am. I truly wanted to have all those moments out there to someday share with my son, and now? With all the problems with updates not happening and assuming my posts transferred…I feel a little foolish for crying over spilt milk. But those posts were more than just brain-dumps. They were reminders, memories. And now those moments written spontaneously, are gone.


When the Twitter Bandwagon rolled out, I was of the mindset to let it just float on by like so many blogging “trends” out there (Facebook, anyone?). Of course I was sucked in by peer pressure, like the lemming I am, and signed up. So just wanted to let you know that I have a Twitter account and if you would like to join in the fun, just click the little pin-up cowgirl over there on the right of your screen.


I was able to get the last of my TypePad posts moved over, thanks to Kate’s suggestion about deleting x-number of posts to get within the 100 maximum posts TypePad is currently allowing to export (due to some fucked up update they installed, which may or may not have been fixed by the time my agreement with TypePad expired). I have seen a handful of blogs deleted over my few years of blogging, and I have to tell you that I can’t imagine how difficult that must be since it caused me a few heart palpitations just to delete a few posts, even though they had been exported already to here. I’m still working out some bugs as a result, though.

Wow. This is some exciting shit, no? Sorry, I’m feeling a bit uninspired since Bloglines is still not updating my feeds and have not responded to my help ticket(s), nor to the threads started by hundreds of others with the same problem.


I had my 34 week ultrasound today to double-check the growth of Murdock’s kidneys. While they measure appropriately enough, OB wants to check them once again after Murdock is born.

Is born.

I still haven’t been able to visualize it, quite frankly.

Other than that, I was shown Murdock’s hairy head and pug-face (head measures at 37-plus weeks, so at least s/he will have something in common with XBoy who measured 90% in the cranial department for, like, forever. I’d like to believe it’s grey matter, but I think it’s just a predisposition to ego, thick-headedness, and physical imbalance) (XBoy has very little propensity for athletic ability).

Murdock is also currently head down and has thus far refused any attempt at getting a 3-D facial image that doesn’t look like something or someone either crapped on his/her face or beaten him/her with an ugly stick in utero. Hell, it could be a little of both for all we know.

Next appointment in two weeks in which we do the non-stress test (contraction and heart monitoring).

Vive la Reader.Google!

no. 673 – Maybe TypePad is Trying to Tell Me Something

I was going to post a redirect to my new home, Punch Drunk, this weekend, except TypePad has decided to suddenly acquire this nice little glitch that allows only 100 posts to be exported from their files.

100 posts from no. 672 would be no. 572, right?

The last post I had exported from TypePad a few months ago was no. 555. That's right. 17 posts and the related comments are hanging in limbo land and I'll be freaking pissed if they don't have this resolved soon because here's the other issue:

I was also sent a reminder that my enrollment expires June 21 here unless I update the expiration date on my credit card info, which I don't want to do.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to lose those 17 posts because they also happen to fall during some of the more emotional parts of this pregnancy: November and December.

Shit. My move may have to be put on hold, and I hate having any part of my life on hold, even if it is "just" blogging.

And another thing, it seems my new posts on Punch Drunk aren't showing up on Bloglines? Any one else notice this or am I just super oblivious?


So it’s no big secret that I’m pregnant through a fresh donor-egg cycle. However, it has been rather difficult for me to really talk about being pregnant. You know, all that survivor-guilt bullshit added to the idea that I’m might just be tempting the gods to rain their fury down on me.

But it’s due time for me to just dump it all out here.

I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow, the 29th of May. I had an OB appt today and I’ve gained a respectable 26 pounds. Only couple more than I did with XBoy. Then again, I was probably 20 pounds lighter seven years ago. I feel like a lumbering cow, thank you. My friend told me that at least my face doesn’t look fat…she’s lucky I like her.

It’s been an unfortunate act of nature that my placenta is anterior. Movement from the baby is greatly reduced. I never feel Murdock’s movements when standing. I would also have to say I rarely ever get any kicking. Instead it’s rolling, or as Michelle described recently with her pregnancy, the baby seems to be practicing a lot of yoga poses.

I cannot bend over to pick up things. Hence the reason I feel like crying when I drop things, which is often. Last night I sat on the floor, legs stretched out in front of me and tried to reach my toes. I could barely touch my knees. According to books and websites, when purchasing maternity clothes, purchase your regular pre-pregnancy size. They are fucking liars. Or, let me put this less harshly: purchase your regular pre-pregnancy size for your first and maybe your second trimester, but kiss anything size Small to Medium good-bye in the third. No matter that you may have been a size 2 before pregnancy, you will be a large or x-large by the 8th month. I dare you size 2 girls to dispute this openly.

I will have another ultrasound in two weeks to check Murdock’s growth and to see what is going on with his/her kidneys, which were measuring a bit large on our last ultrasound. I try not to think about it, nor google it, since OB said it’s usually  nothing to worry about. I will probably also do a non-stress test as an added precaution since that is what showed us that I required extra monitoring when I was pregnant with XBoy.

My OB also was swayed into letting me schedule a c-section a day earlier than 39 weeks. He said that the problems that have surfaced regarding earlier c-sections have to do with women who really don’t know when their due dates are. You know? Those women who get pregnant without either the low-tech ovulation sticks, or high-tech ART? So the next time someone dares to say to me, “You’re  the reason the cost of healthcare is rising,” in response to my c-section announcement will not only get a size 7 (OK, size 8. Shoe sizes don’t remain the same, either) shoved squarely up their ass but an earful of how it’s couples who don’t know the difference between ovulation and ovation; or luteal phase and lunar phase, that may be to blame.

So there you have it. Me at a mind-numbing 33 weeks pregnant. Still with no boy’s name*. Still with only the baby clothes that Shanna sent me (Thank you, again!). And still using the doppler after Murdock refuses to be poked, shoved or sugared up to move after what I think is still too long of a time motionless, which may only be 30 minutes.

Housekeeping notes (I almost typed “Hosekeeping…”):

Currently, there appears to be only one feed for this blog:

I don’t know if I need to do something else, or if this is the only one that I will have. Someone will have to let me know. Update/Add as you see fit.

I know how difficult or uncomfortable it can be to ask for a password. I feel a little intrusive and self-conscious when I have to ask, so I get it. The password protected posts are there to protect me from co-workers who continue to feel morally compelled to get information about my pregnancies, IVFs, and miscarriages from my blog rather than myself; and to keep my husband’s family from putting a hit on me. If you have asked for the password and I have not responded, it’s not because I don’t want you to have it. It’s because I didn’t get your email or it dropped into the spam bucket. Just let me know if I’ve missed you. If you feel more comfortable getting the password from a blogger you recognize from here, I don’t have a problem with that, either, as long as you as the blogger giving it out can vouch for the requester.

* Seriously, we have no idea one way or another if Murdock is a boy or a girl. It’s just that I have a girl’s name ready, but no boy’s name. I’m starting to stress a bit about that.

no. 625 – Linked

I have added several links to blogs on my sidebar since the huge majority of you do like to see your name in lights.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone along the way, so let me know with an email to or a comment.

As I was going through this I remembered why I stopped trying to keep it updated: TypePad only alphabetizes on the blog itself, not in its file. So I have to print off the list from here; print off my list from bloglines and cross-reference the two….I’m sure there’s an easier way but I have yet to be enlightened. (hint hint to any TypePad gurus)

Have a great weekend everyone. It’s the first weekend in four consecutive that we haven’t had to travel to either The Metro or to The Capitol to look/drive/buy a new mode of transportation. What’s done is done. We said our final goodbyes to our Sequoia and I am actually enjoying my new status as a minivan driver (it looks just like the picture).

I may be driving a van, but I’m still repeating in my head, "Lead, Follow, or Get the Fuck Out of My Way!".

no. 612 – Several Notes of (Un)Importance

My mom returns from Jordan tonight. She’ll be at our house sometime tomorrow. I don’t know how she’s going to respond to our announcment, but I guarantee there will be a memorable quote from her. I just can’t guarantee it will be positive.


XBoy spied the ultrasound pics laying up in the front of the car from the backseat and exclaimed, "Are those pictures of the baby?!" Most people can’t tell what the heck they are looking at when it comes to ultrasounds, but he did. I’m pretty proud of that little shit.


After the Apocalypse (aka Garage Sale), we have only a crib and dresser with changing table left. (Note to Statia: our rollers wore out on the drawers and finding replacements has been a bitch. (We have the same brand of dressers.)) The crib is at my SILs (who will become a grandma 3x over in the time we’ve been pursuing a viable pregnancy), but the soonest we would need that is in the fall. I tried looking at Babies R Us, but I start to hyperventilate and click the X at the top-right of the web-page after only a few minutes.


A different vehicle for me has been the topic of conversation in our house for a couple of years now. I thought I wanted a Highlander so I went to test-drive one. Mr. DD said to test-drive a Sienna, just for shits and giggles, so I did – very reluctantly. I’m not a mini-van kind of gal. I must admit shamefacedly, that I fell in love with the Sienna. Ask me in a couple more years where we’re at then because I guarantee I’ll change my mind – again – before any decision will be made.


I want to revamp my blog (I’m all about "change" right now except when it comes to accommodating the "change" that could possibly happen in July), but would like your opinion through the poll below. I admit I get a warm-fuzzy seeing my blog in a side-bar, but I don’t know if that’s just my vanity or if it’s a blogging-given.


no. 566 – Call Me Lame-io

I have deduced that the reason the Ass-Mouth has disappeared is because I switched prenatals earlier this week upon my clinic’s recommendation. While I certainly enjoyed gagging down one of those ginormous pills, they said I could just switch to the Flinstone’s chewables as long as I take 2 folic acid tablets instead of just one.

Can’t really say it’s much of an improvement as far as tolerance goes as the Flintstone tablet must be held together with some kind of gum substance that has been scraped from under the desks of some high-school’s homeroom. I always find myself spitting bits and pieces of the vitamin out later since they don’t dissolve.

Total number of pills now taken daily (I take them all before bedtime): 9, counting the two I still have to take daily for the hives, which yes, I still get with still fluctuating frequency and severity.

Now I am certainly not saying I’m feeling confident, especially if I was to go by the fact I picked up my phone and dialed my old OB in an attempt to beg a scan from him, but hung up when the receptionist answered. I’m a picture of pathetic.

As a distraction, I finally logged back onto facebook to try to figure that piece of crap out. As Jess and I discussed on my wall (oooh, look at me, I have a wall!), we don’t really get what the big deal is. I have found it fascinating the common "friends" I have with other users and spent a good deal of my time hunting down inviting new friends to my facebook.

For those of you who have a facebook account and know my real name via the Card Exchange, feel free to poke me (ooooh….more facebook techie talk!). You’ll easily pick me out of all the DD’s as I use my boxing babies as my photo avatar.

Wow. I am so lame.

no. 560 – Calling Any BlogSpot Gurus

I need some help with Blogspot info. For you newbies out there, I have a Blogger account under my old blog (Knocked Up …Then Knocked Down). I thought I was adequate at figuring out the publishing and editing of code, but I was recently asked for help on how to create a feed by one of my favorite authors and in an attempt to give her instructions, I was stumped.

What the heck happened to the feed info under settings with Blogger? Do you really have to go through feedburner?

So anyway, what does one need to make sure is set up on a Blogger blog to insure that there is a published feed that will be picked up by Bloglines or Reader.Google?

I’m tired of missing my friend’s most excellent posts until day’s afterward.

(I’d share the blog link, if she wished me, too…)

Email me or leave a comment if you can help me help her.

* ETA: Yeah, so about that feed…for hits and shiggles I went out and checked again and she now has a feed! Yippee! So, uh, never mind.