Virgin (to my own blog)

Forgive me if my first attempt to do my own blogging (instead of being a “lurker” to other’s) seems stilted and cumbersome, if not down-right boring! I bore myself with my open discussions with fellow co-workers about the joy of progesterone suppositories and graphic descriptions of our first IUI on 8/6. They proceed to tell me that I shouldn’t get so down as I should be lucky/happy that I have one healthy child.

I have no idea why people think that comment makes any sense as I feel even more grateful for having Max then if I had no child at all and was struggling with infertility. It was a wake-up call to my busband, Jerry, and I how much of a miracle he is and how so many billions of things have to go just right in order to give birth to a baby.

…anyway…I stopped taking the progesterone within 4 days of the procedure as I just knew that it was a waste of a good panty-liner. I’ve been pregnant twice now and the signs I were hoping for were not there: sore boobs, darkening nipples, swelling labia (reads like a porn story!), etc. so I figured I would save them for next time.

I will call my RE (Dr. M.) sometime in the upcoming week to find out what we are to do next. She has been wonderful so far and I’m grateful after reading about so many who were either rude, uncaring, fat-fingered or all of the above. Her office is 100 miles away, a 2 1/2 hour drive from my small town, pop. 20,000 in rural town west of the Mississippi.

For now, I’m gearing myself up for round 2 with my Follistim pen.


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