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Stool Pigeon

I wish I had something other than poop to report, but(t) I don’t. Actually I could talk about how 4th grade is going for Doodicus (not the best), or my mother’s health (not the best), or even my sex life (not the best), but(t) I might as well follow this whole Stooling issue behind us.

Behind us.

I crack me up!


Yeah, I guess not pooping is called Stooling. I had no idea, but it has a nice ring to it. That was on the instruction sheet I was given by the pediatrician Friday morning. I had made the appointment since Aitch hadn’t gone since Sunday, the night she was given an enema. I felt foolish sitting there telling him that my daughter wouldn’t poop but he explained that it was better to not wait. As I was starting to realize, and he confirmed, the longer she goes withOUT going, the longer she will continue to hold it in. He told me that after so much time, her bowels could expand so much that it could take years for them to return to normal size and function. During the exam, he said he could feel a banana-sized lump in her.

I’ve always hated bananas.

The short of it is that we are to give her an enema two or three nights in a row to make sure she is completely cleared out.

In the meantime, we are also to give her 1 1/4 ounces of mineral oil two times a day. According to my calculations that’s basically ten teaspoons a day. Yummmm-yum! Do you know what mineral oil mixes well with? Absolutely nothing. So far I’ve added it to milk, apple and cranberry juice, and chili. Looks just as appetizing in something warm as something cold. Any suggestions will be welcome.

The mineral oil is to keep anything from “sticking” and of course to soften things up. We are to use this system so that she can get use to the fact that it’s not going to hurt to poop. That’s where we think this all stemmed from: She had pooped in the potty at the very beginning of toilet training, but it was a rather large, painful stool. Aitch never used the potty again for anything but peeing since.

I’m looking forward to writing a post that doesn’t include poop, pee, potty. I can only guess you are, too.