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I didn’t just throw my panties on stage…


Having friends in the computer can really pay off. Olivia Drab scored me an autographed pantyliner. Not just any pantyliner. An Always Pantyliner. The Cadillac of Pantyliners. Trust me on this.

And not just any autograph. An autograph from Jenny Lawson. And who is Jenny Lawson? The Bloggess.

Olivia updated on Facebook how she was in line to have The Bloggess sign her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened¬†and I excitedly (and half-jokingly) begged her to get an autograph for me as well since I know I would personally never have the opportunity. I suggested she hand her a pantyliner or something for Jenny to sign. So she did. When handed the pantyliner, Jenny said, “That is so AWESOME!”

No, Jenny, YOU are awesome (and so is Olivia Drab, of course!).

Let’s Pretend This DID Happen!