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Photo Ops: The Fridge(s)

What’s with the kitchen obsession, people?? Katrina asked to see the inside of my fridge (god, the humiliation!) while Michelle added to the fridge-peeping by also requesting a pantry (pantRy) shot. Of course, I was immediately self-conscious and considered running to the farmer’s market to set up props of fresh veggies and fruits, but then I remembered it’s the dead of winter and the only farmer’s market around here is the one in Hy-Vee.

So here’s the fridge. I know, ick, the fridge is black (which is OK if you like black appliances). I really wanted the stainless steel appearance (not actual stainless steel since 1] it is impossible to keep clean; and 2] it’s not magnetic), but Sparring Partner said No Way. He suggested white – actually he had the gall to suggest Beige. Beige! Blech!! So we compromised (I compromised).

I made the second picture bigger so you can make fun of me and my Ho-Ho and Bryer’s Ice Cream addiction and the fact that there is one lonely lemon in the fruit storage. A must have for my Dos Equis (which are kept in the garage fridge to maintain a more wholesome appearance within the family fridge).

When we designed the kitchen, we realized we didn’t need a fancy walk-in pantry. The odds would be we’d throw out more dry goods, losing money, so we went with an in-cabinet pantry. It works very well for us. Here’s how it looks when the cabinets are closed:

(You can see why I need a magnetic fridge, right??)

Quick note: if you ever have an opportunity to design your kitchen, I strongly urge you to go with drawers. We have two sets of drawers like the ones on the right of this photo and I wish we had more. LURVE the drawers.

We made sure to have quality pull-out shelves in the pantry, which when you have a toddler who looks at this as nothing more than a climbing wall, it’s a REALLY smart investment. Snacks are right in the middle. Candy is at the top, next to the open box of white rice that was moved when Aitch thought it would be fun to pour out on the floor.

I also thought I’d show you what we did for our toaster (on the right). I didn’t want the corner garage that so many kitchens have, so I had our kitchen dude design the cabinets so the doors looks like the open normally, but it actually lifts up and out-of-the-way like a real garage door. We then had a heavy-duty sliding shelf installed that is normally used for a TV. There’s plenty of room for the toaster, two loaves of bread (SP won’t eat my “enriched” bread), the butter, Nutella, peanut butter and a plate to put it all together.

And for anyone who has a fetish for fridges, be prepared to tingle. We actually have three. The one above, the one in the garage (which stores extra loaves of bread, soda, beer, milk, eggs and juice – the items we go through a lot of), and this mini fridge under the counter:

(I swear! The dust was attracted to the flash photography!)

I wanted something that we could use for entertaining, to store a couple of bottles of wine, beer, cold vodka and gin…the stuff I didn’t want guests reaching past my Ho-Hos for; the stuff I didn’t want them walking into the garage for. Instead, it is full of apple sauce, juice boxes and pouches, cold treats and Pepsi. So much for the glamorous life.