Do Good

Mrs. Soup’s husband continues to have some progress following the stroke he had ten days ago. She updated her blog recently with what has been going on with Ryan. They were able to break their lease without penalty so that Mrs. Soup and her daughter could move back in temporarily with her parents while Ryan continues to heal.

Mrs. Soup also included in her update information on where donations can be made towards their family’s medical expenses. If you wish to help, charitable contributions can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank under the name Ryan and Katherine Campbell (Oregon). Maybe you are looking to do something outside the norm of exchanging white elephant gifts with your co-workers at your office party…

Finally, Katie, a friend and photographer is forwarding all December’s proceeds from her Etsy store to the Campbells. If you’d rather have a gift for a family or friend to unwrap this season, maybe a print from Katie’s store, Bird’s Eye View. Below is just a peek into Katie’s talents:

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