It’s just one calamity after another over here.

This daycare business is making my butt clench up tighter than a young nun’s thighs at a frat party. I’ve been given several names of private care-givers but so far I haven’t found any that have an opening for a baby.

Add to that, my dad was re-admitted to the hospital Monday night. Since my last post was overly long, I’ve shortened his situation into a bulleted timeline:

  • Massive blood loss (blood count 9 for you medically-savvy readers)
  • Plummeting blood pressure
  • Colonoscopy (negative)
  • Endoscopy (pancreatic ulcer – cauterized) (blood thinners mixed with chronic ulcer = mucho blood loss)
  • Resting and recovering

Next stop? Back to the nursing home to continue his physical therapy.

Whatever happened to the good old days of dreading / anticipating CD1?