Sleeping, which use to be one of my fave past times, has basically become the stuff of nightmares. Pardon the pun (that counts as a pun, right?).

Basically I wake up every hour, on the hour. Not because I have to go to the bathroom. I wake because my hips, cranked now to maximum width (just ask my trousers), cannot handle the pressure of laying on them for more than an hour and I wake in pain. I do take that moment to waddle into the bathroom to empty my bladder, and then go back to bed to lie on the opposite side.

This process is actually easier than trying to roll from one side to the other, which is not entirely impossible but most certainly comical since it can take me one than one try to get enough momentum for the weight of my girth to pull me to the other side.

The heat of the waterbed, which I thought I would miss once we got a conventional mattress (now on the back burner) now is like a bed of coals, even with it turned to its lowest setting. As someone who required a cover on them when they sleep, regardless of the ambient air temperature, I now am flinging the comforter off the bed in sweaty aggravation. I’ve even migrated to the spare bedroom to sleep on the regular mattress because it is nice and cool. The downside is that it makes my hips hurt all the more.

Apparently I am now competing with Mr. DD in the snoring department. What slays me is when I wake up to Mr. DD’s snoring and give him that poke to get him to stop, he’ll then wake and say, “Well, you were buzzing wood when I was trying to get to sleep!” Hey, genius…YOU  got to sleep. I’M  the one awake now.

And then a recent appointment I mentioned one other strange symptom to OB: my hands are falling asleep at night. Both of them at the same time. I have tried holding them in different positions thinking maybe, just maybe, I was laying on them weird, to no avail. Come to find out that the swelling that turns mild-mannered ankles into earth shattering Cankles? It can actually bring about carpal tunnel in your hands, hence the man-hands. To minimize this, OB suggested I wear wrist splints to bed. I tried it and it didn’t help. It’s even getting so bad that when I was mowing, my left hand kept falling asleep.

My once much anticipated part of the day I use to have, the sleeping, has been reduced to suckage. You’ll have to take my word for it when I say that when the baby gets here and is waking every three hours for a feeding, it’ll be a dream come true. Three straight hours of sleep? It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

Any suggestions about the hands will be welcome. While I can make due with the achy hips and back, this is beyond my tolerance for the next six weeks.


  1. With my second child(the nine lb 10 oz one) I had to start sleeping in the recliner at 5 months so that I wasn’t lying completely flat. I used a pillow to support my belly if I wanted to turn slightly one way or the other. I was in the recliner with the thirds baby( the ten lb 7 oz one) at four months. I ruined that chair. When the chair was upright it was obvious which side of the chair I favored, it had a very strong tilt in the seat. Maybe it would be worth giving it a try.

  2. I had horrible carpal tunnel with my last pregnancy. I’ve always had it to some degree but being pregnant this last time took it to a whole new level. Not sure why I didn’t have it with my first? Anyway, I also had to wear splints the entire 9 months but it seemed to help me some. The big thing was not sleeping on my hands which is a habit of mine. It should get better a couple weeks after the baby is born. I’m sorry, I’m not much help. I hope something works for you or at the very least, the next 6 weeks pass quickly.

  3. Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep…i don’t really have any feedback on how to sleep better but am sending you some sleepy and peaceful thoughts.

    Sweet Dreams and sleep tight.

  4. Oh, and I know what they say about sleeping on your side, but I HAD to sleep on my back. My hips killed and the elephantitis in my feet/ankles/legs was so bad that I had to sleep with my feet proped up on 2 pillows at night to help the swelling go down. Good luck!

  5. I feel your pain with the hands. I wore those stupid braces. They helped during the day (yes, I looked like a freak) but at night I would wake up and not be able to feel my hands at all. Actually, I think the brace helped a little at night, but not much. And I don’t want to bring on more, but it took a couple of months after ds was born before I regained full feeling back to the tips of my fingers. I wish I had a better suggestion for you, but I think it is going to get worse before it gets better – at least it did for me….

  6. i had terrible carpal tunnel during my pregnancy. i went to physio, tried splints, eventually got steroid shots in both wrists…NOTHING worked. nothing except giving birth.
    mine started out as numbness, so i hope that is as far as yours progresses. if it does end up as full blown CT, just take heart that it does go away after the baby is born.

  7. The carpal tunnel stuff should go away after the baby comes. Its a crapshoot who gets it and who doesn’t but it is really common in pregnant women.

    Do you think it would help your hips if you slept witha pillow between your legs? I remember using a full length body pillow when laying on my side resting my belly on it then tucking the bottom of it between my legs and it really helped a ton. Turning over…well I wished for a crane in the bedroom but was afraid BigD would get kinky ideas. 😉

  8. Definitely no mowing and limit the typing unless you have a wrist support and a mouse support – you know those foamy things you get from the health & safety bods at work. This helped me when I was getting “dead hands”. Sorry about the sleeping.

  9. First, why in the Hell are you mowing? I mean, this is the one time you can get out of it.

    Second, hope the sleep thing resolves itself. My hips are already starting to bother me and I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.

  10. Do you have a pregnancy pillow? Or just lots of pillows? I found stuffing pillows between my knees helped to alleviate the hip pain. Not make it go away, but alleviate it. But yeah, the last six weeks of pregnancy kind of suck no matter what you do.

  11. Hey DD – it helped me a little to sleep with a few pillows under my head and shoulders – the hips still ached but not quite as badly.
    Hum…. I didn’t have three hours sleep at a time (ever) until my daughter hit about 7 months so be careful of the assumptions here. Although to be fair, my daughter is a hooligan and you are not likely to have one (of either gender) who is quite so high maintenance.
    Suck it up babe – you’re almost there and it’s easy for me to say this as it’s been almost a year since I’ve been where you are.
    Hugs, smooches and just plain support

  12. The hip pain was HORRIBLE with Aiden. I was the same way, having to roll and move and not getting any sleep. I know this isn’t for everyone and I didn’t do this with Aiden because I didn’t even consider it, but have you thought about a chiropractor? I work for one now and I can’t tell you how very, very much the adjustments are helping me. My hip pain, thus far, has been so much less. It’s still there but manageable and it definitely was not before. I wish I could say something about the carpal tunnel but my SIL had that and basically it just got better after she gave birth. Good luck!

  13. Oh, the hips! The worst pain I felt all pregnancy was the freaking hip pain while sleeping.

    I have no advice on the hands. A friend had to wear a brace as well. However, her dr also took her out of work a week early because of the swelling/carpal tunnel she was experiencing in her wrist. Typing aggrevates it, and I would dare say that mowing probably doesn’t help either.

    Of course all this is my own conjecture.

  14. Oh I am so with you on the sleep thing. Please tell me the hip pain flees immediately after giving birth. I’m not up every hour yet – but every 2 or 3 – for the bathroom. I can make it on each side for abotu 2 hours early in the night but by morning I can barely stand an hour on each side. I’m constantly heaving myself over to the other side. And my hubby just told me he is thinking of sleeping on the house because my snoring is keeping him up. I had no idea! I know I am stuffed up every morning when I wake but I didn’t realize it was causing anything more than drooling. I’ve never really been a snorer before. I think my husband is excited to get his wife back.

    I was telling my mother my sleeping woes last night. She says “Sounds like sleep apnea.” Really? Because I thought it sounded like a 3 1/2 lb baby playing rugby with my bladder and my hip joints groaning under the strain of spreading and many extra pounds suddenly packed on me.

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