That Woman Isn’t Asleep; She’s Unconscious Having Choked On Her Sleep Aide!

Either I’m a moron or you guys are assholes. Take a look at this item I bought at Walgreens that has 3mg of Melatonin PER. DAY!!

No where on the packaging does it say that the 3mg is via TWO of the liqui-caps, but I figured based on the image, I would have to throw back two. Now I’m not a good pill taker. I’m a gagger. I thought these look similar to the Advil gel-caps I take on occasion, so how bad could it be, right?

“What’s wrong with those,” you ask? Should I mention that the cap is as big as a salad plate? OK, so I’m exaggerating, but those fuckers are HUGE!

“Just HOW big are they,” you ask?

You sure to ask a lot of questions, you nosy bitches.

Could you swallow a AA battery? I ask in return.

Why don’t I just throw some BBQ sauce on them, hand out toothpicks and call them “lil’ smokies”?!

11 thoughts on “That Woman Isn’t Asleep; She’s Unconscious Having Choked On Her Sleep Aide!”

  1. Let’s not discuss my swallowing abilities.

    I was going to suggest melatonin, but I figured that was a first resort for a lot of people. I take it nightly. In fact, my tabs are 5mg. and I can’t get to sleep on less than 2. I use the Sundown brand, and I got them in my grocery store (for free with my MAD coupon skills). They dissolve and aren’t nasty, but I only just discovered this after I had put them in my mouth and went searching for my water cup. I’ve been taking them with water for years. Walmart carries melatonin in their vitamin section as well. In fact, any drug store will.

  2. Holy jeez that’s nuts! I have never had an issue with pills at all but I think I might choke on those. I think it would stress me out and make me stay awake just trying to get those things down. Just wrong!

  3. NO NO NO!!! I am so sorry I didn’t add to my earlier comment: get the ones at Trader Joes – they are the size of Altoids, they are chewable and they are minty. Wondrous, wonderful melatonin that you won’t choke to death on or mistake for anal suppositories, which might be a preferable way of ingesting those fuckers you photographed above.

  4. BigP used to take that stuff but the ones he had were tiny. Like M-in-NYC said. I don’t know how many mg they were but they were no where near that size!! I’m pretty sure he got his at WalMart in the vitamin isle.

    Maybe you should try a different brand?

  5. Longtime read here. 🙂 I was hoping you’d try the melatonin. I get the 1mg tablet from vitamin shoppe. They’re tiny like a mini m&m. I can swallow pills that look like giant horse pill (my husband is very lucky haha:) but my cousin has trouble swallowing pills and she can swallow the vitamin shoppe ones. I hope they work. There’s nothing worse than sleeping badly!

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