It’s another update and miraculously, it’s not more bad news.

With a twist.

The fourth egg went ahead and fertilized some time yesterday and now today they are “all meeting their milestones in development” (as if they were actually six month old babies…as if).

Again, I missed the call. Just a voice mail. After I listened to it, I irrationally burst into tears.

Now I admit that all my cycles turn me into an overemotional wreck, but this one could seriously do some long-term damage. The dollars; the waiting; the realization that we’re at the end of the journey…these all make me eyeball my bottle of hydroxyzine with longing.

Speaking of drugs, the clinic normally provides a script for valium. It’s only a hand-full, but it helped to float out the 24 hours bed-rest on a cloud of cotton candy. When I called the clinic back, I was told they would provide the valium at the hospital. I suppose that will mean one for the procedure and one for the road – literally. Stingy bastards.

Yes, well. I have nothing more to add.

Transfer tomorrow morning at 10:30 CST.

As for how many will be transferred? I guess we’ll wait and see how they look tomorrow. I’m leaning towards doing them all. The last thing I want to do after a failed fresh transfer, is prepare for a FET.